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December 17, 2020
25 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Stronghold Crusader: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

Probably every player knows that in this game the most expensive tower is round it is so, but not the most effective, in fact, the best and most effective tower is a square tower, this tower, as it were, shields people from arrows from above with a wooden roof, for example from horse archers who are in most of them shoot svechu and not looking as most of the other archers do, while at the round tower, on the contrary, the entire top is open, so people sitting on it are more vulnerable to archers.

If you want a lot of food, then do this: in the game, put a couple of wheat fields 4 mills a bunch of bakeries.

And on some missions I also do this:
Build the castle as close as possible to the sign from where the enemy soldiers come out. But not at the very last point, but a little further away, so that you can make fortifications of the castle, in particular, you need towers! Then, as soon as the enemy soldiers approach the sign, you can fire at them even before they ungroup!

When the enemy’s castle is built, then you can build several sawmills or leashes for oxen right at the entrance to someone else’s castle so that the enemy cannot get out. He immediately destroys all buildings outside and gradually – inside. In general, the entire economy leads to the far corner. But look: it is necessary to furnish the entire entrance to the castle, since the enemy will eventually destroy his barbican. Can’t leave a click!
I want to warn everyone right away that such an experience can be carried out with many players, but with some it is not so simple. Sometimes the Caliph, the Wolf (if he has built a huge castle with a moat), the Rat breaks the passage. But more often than not, this technique is useless over the Serpent and the Boar (50/50). For the rest, you don’t have to worry too much..

How to deal with light opponents.
Rat. He has a castle without ditches, with smooth walls, lightness. We drive a siege tower or a brigade of assassins, we send a gang of rockers to the walls (that is, infantrymen – they are in leather jackets and express themselves cool!), We kill weak rats, climb up his castle and we kill him.
Snake. here is a little more complicated. The walls are crooked – you can’t fit the tower, the ditches are uneven, to a fig of lukmen. We drive the darkness of the siege workers, we climb the walls with rockers, we have a brawl and the walls are clean!
If you approach from the side, you can capture the barbican with assassins, after which the same thing – we take the castle by storm and chop its inhabitants into pieces.
Sultan. The walls are crooked, so the siege usually does not help.
Again, either we capture the barbican with assassins, or we send rockers to the walls by siege workers. There is such a nuance: as soon as the barbican is captured, a crowd of swordsmen comes out to you, so you need to keep your pickmen or swordsmen ready. Further, we do not climb through the yard – flamethrowers. We clean the walls and send a herd of crossbowmen to them. The fact is that the central castle of the Sultan will be completely clogged with slingers and babies, through which, however, it is difficult for the pickmen to break through. Abalets mow them all down and your army storms the Sultan’s castle.
Boar. This is more complicated. There is no descent from the walls, they do not contact the towers, siege towers are meaningless. It is more rational to seize the barbican by the assassins or to break through the wall with catapult rams, to lead the army into the breach (beware of narrowness – wolf pits!), To soak a gang of boar rockers and himself. It is impractical to go in a crowd, otherwise you will lose too many people in the pits.
Yes, funny. The other day I break through the wall of the Kabana castle with catapults, I introduce 70 pickmen there, at this moment the barbican opens and a horde of Kabana rockers runs past my army, rushing to my castle, where they were flicked from crossbows.
Another funny thing. Taking shooters into the attack means dooming them to certain death. Enemy bowmen and crossbowmen mow down shooters first. I, when I play against several. I leave opponents, bowmen and crossbows in the castle – to guard, pickmen, rockers, and engineers I send to the attack.
I can not give any manuals when playing with the Wolf, Saladin, Richard, because I have a percentage of Atlon AMD K6 / 450 five years ago: [==]
Thank you for your attention!!!

My secret goes very well with caliphs.
Just put a sawmill or a leash for oxen in a tightly packed place where the peasants are going. If he sends an Arab. swordsmen try again and everything is OK.
When a Caliph puts fireballistas, put sawmills right next to them and they will burn.

About food, through wheat fields and bakeries, I totally agree.
Now about the defense.
I hardly build walls. very rarely when. I put up big towers, square or round, I hammer them to capacity with archers, and on the stairs I put a couple of swordsmen. As a rule, the enemy does not reach the towers.
There are levels when the enemies are close enough to each other. In this case, it will be successful to stick your big tower as close to the enemy’s castle as possible, ONLY IT IS NECESSARY TO DO IT IN THE FIRST MINUTES OF THE GAME. We quickly hire archers and hammer the tower. EVERYTHING, the enemy castle is paralyzed. Later the tower is supplied with a catapult and then the castle is finished.
I attack with horse archers. Large ormada 100 – 150 heads. plus 30 swordsmen and a couple of three catapults.
Option 1:
Horse archers sweep everything from the towers and paralyze the castle, catapults break through the walls and collapse the towers. swordsmen fall the main.
Option 2:
With catapults under the cover of an armada of horse archers, we demolished most of the towers with enemy archers, and then Option 1.
By the way, catapults and tributaries shoot further if they “Attack the area” Everything that gets inside the circle is demolished … and tower catapults, if they do not reach the enemy’s castle, attack the area in front of the castle and you will crush the castle with flights.
By the way, in this game the computer plays along with our opponents. namely in the sense that if you have an ally, the main blow will still be inflicted on you and the host of the building will first of all be demolished by your.
Good luck.

Food in missions is not at all necessary, for this you need to build three breweries and wait until the population coverage reaches 100% and do not click on the abar, but to hold ale you need three hops and three breweries.

There is such a trick here, although the assassins are mercenaries, they chick the sword bearers awesome, but against the pickmen they are just a useless transfer of money, hence the conclusion to overwhelm the wolf and Richard, the assassins are irreplaceable fighters. You can earn money in a very simple way, you put a lot of quarries and a lot of ox tethers, because it is known that the stone is recruited exponentially, but this is still half the battle, the main money can be earned on iron, you do not really need it, because it takes a long time to produce an army, but buying weapons by selling iron very quickly, the main thing is to competently force the deposits into mines so that they fit as much as possible.
P.S. iron is not required anywhere else except for the production of weapons.

My tactics are pretty simple.
I build 200-250 horse archers, completely destroy the enemy’s warriors and then 7-9 asanins are enough for the lord, oh yes, I first build horse archers and send them, and when there are no warriors, except for the lord, the enemy has no remaining, I outline the target-lord, and then doing assassins.
Works when the enemy is far from you, if he is close and 1, then all the money of the assassins and that’s it!

Well, I do it this way: so that the enemies do not use catapults and break the walls, I finish building the castle and make a gap and from it a labyrinth inside the castle.
I fill the entire labyrinth with wolf pits and put a couple of engineers from kip on the walls of the labyrinth. oil. And there must be a way out of the maze.

This bug is suitable for battles against Saladin, Richard the Lionheart and the Wolf – for lovers of a long game and a competent siege.
When the towers are destroyed, often in their place there are blockages and debris that do not have a life line and are completely destroyed with one shot by a stone from a catapult or trebuchet. If such a change has occurred with the enemy tower (and this sometimes cannot be done), you can cancel the shelling of this place and repress everything as it is – the enemy cannot either destroy this one, and build a new tower in its place. The ruins will remain unchanged for the rest of the game..
Such a technique, as I said, helps in the fight against Saladin, Volcomb, Richard the Lionheart and a number of other opponents, thus incapacitating the long-range system of ballists and mangonels located on the square and round towers of the enemy and additionally preventing the deployment of troops.

1. When you are fighting against a rat or a snake, then (if you have more than 2000 money and the enemy does not have allies such as the Wolf, Boar, Richard or Caliph), then at the very beginning of the game you build a barn, a mercenary camp and hire 30-50 Arab swordsmen , send them to the enemy.
2. In that mission, when you are alone with Saladin, build first a barn, then an armory, a stone barracks and a market. Buy 10 (15) swords and 10 (15) armor, hire 10 (15) crusaders and attack Saladin. The attack does not always go off with a bang. Everything must be done quickly, while Saladin has not yet finished the castle.
3. If you want to save money, then build not intimidation, but the opposite to intimidation … I forgot what they are called. Then build a hop farm, brewery, tavern. It will also affect popularity. After that, taxes can be set at moderate or high.
4. It is better to attack any strong enemy like this: 100-150 horse archers (for Caliph I even once used 250), another 50-70 infantrymen (they are fast) or for their place strong crusaders, you can 20-30 knights (while the rest of the army crawls , they will destroy the barbican, and the barn, and the dwellings, and everything, everything, everything that you order them) and several fire balls (they can start a fire in the city).

There is another effective way to bring down Saladins:
Their main problem is in the city. They build buildings very close. we do this: we adjust the ballista and hit the mercenary camp before lighting up. after it will flare up, and while the firefighters reach him – the whole city is engulfed in devilish fire) the main joke is that in place of the burned houses – he builds new ones, thereby supporting the fire. after his army burns out – he chops off firefighters and hires soldiers, thereby depriving himself of the only chance to escape from the fireman.
now units: The most effective units are infantrymen (metalists, rockers, etc.). they are fast and the damage is not weak. besides, they perfectly dig ditches))))))). the most ineffective – archers: damage FULL G ….. BUT. ideal for storming towers – fire ballists. smash all the living creatures.
The effectiveness of the locks depends on what you are trying to achieve. if you want a lock with a solid Economy – small locks are quite effective. few people eat little.
But my most successful castles come out huge. It’s really hard to take me there. BUT there is a minus: it is extremely difficult to protect such castles. that’s why mostly I put guards where they attack.
But from the point of view of online war – Small castles are effective, or large ones with a GIANT moat. while they dig it up – Mangoels will take care…
For more interest – you need to use a Hand drawn map + 6 computer opponents that will interfere with both of you. the smartest wins)
the dumbest map for PVP is ford. tested: 6 mangoles and 10 ballists carry ANY army.

My tactics are double
1 tactic (for Rat, Snake, Sultan) Stamp 50 pcs. rockers, you can have 30 more assassins, if the money is dumb, you can also monks, the infantry is already ready then 50 archers and 20 crossbowmen, well, there you can have a couple of catapults or rams and the castle is taken. If you want to lose fewer troops, wait for the attack, immediately counterattack after breaking it, or if there is free space near the camp castle, you can take them close to his castle, and as soon as he goes to attack, you can already send your soldiers.

2 tactics are slightly different for each (Caliph, Boar, Richard, Wolf, Saladin).

Caliph: you churn out 20 catapults and 20 fire balls, 50-100 con. archers, 50-80 rockers and, in principle, nothing else is needed, the main thing is to build near his castle near his castle, bring a lot with bulls and the ditches will be destroyed and you can even in the castle and maybe it will catch fire.

Boar: you churn out 20 catapults and 20 fire ballists, 50-80 rockers and 50 crossbowmen with 20 archers in one pack and the Boar will not survive.

Richard: it’s very easy with him, because he locked himself in his castle and sits until you break through the barbican, and for this it is better, after neutralizing the archers on the walls and towers, to burn the city with fire balls and bring the crossbowmen. 30 and his crusaders will die, and then bring the rockers and the castle is taken. By the way, the protection from the walls and towers is better to remove the stake. archers.

Wolf: one of the most formidable opponents, but not for me it just takes a long time to play with him. I usually churn out 50 catapults (because they will not leave a stone from the fortress of this creature), then 40 fire balls, pcs. 100 con. archers, 30-40 crossbowmen and 50-100 pieces of rockers. With such a number of warriors, I took out 4 Wolves.

Saladin: in my opinion, he is the best fighter and he runs a good economy, but his farm is his main defeat, since I will burn all his bakeries and breweries with fire. ballists. I usually churn out 150-250 pounds. archers (I made 350 once), 80 rockers, 30-40 crossbowmen can be, 20 catapults and 20 fire ballists and pcs. 20-30 knights and then he won’t be able to fight back.

Stopping bearers:
If you saw a bearer or heard about a bearer attack, then look around its wall and it will die soon. Or you can tell the bogies to kill him – this is the easiest way to stop the bearer and secure the bearer.

Fast destruction of enemies:
To destroy enemies, save on the wall in front of the indicator as many hangers as you can. Even a small number of them will be able to destroy quite a large amount.

Endless stones and frames for side operations.
To start the ocade, you need a little gold for work. When the catapilts and needles use up stones and cows, take the following action:
1) Get the engineers out of the car and take them to a safe place.
2) Select the order of the copiers. Guide them to the lock and the equipment is available until then. Mark this place.
3) Having only one engineer, start building the catapilts and need it behind the line of the field. Hover one catapilty is placed under the survey, so that you will attract the enemy’s fire to it and lose only one.
4) In the main machines, 20 stones and 2 frames. When you use this stock, tell the engineers to build a new catapilty or the one you need, and again you will have 20 beds and 2 cows.
5) Repeat this as much as necessary. Using this method, you can completely destroy the lock. Then only you need to kill the rest of the cake.

Well, in general, my tactics are simple. First, the development of the castle, we strengthen everything, we hire soldiers and so on. I build 5-7 square towers, I drive 30-35 archers on them and put on ballista. Of course, if I am fighting a strong enemy, I cannot do without a RVA WITH OIL (it helps in the siege of a large army on your castle). Everything is simple with me. If it is not possible to build bakeries, etc., then I get by with apples, cheese and meat. In the end, let’s move on to the army. The army is simple. I’m being honest. Build 10 archery workshops. 5 for armor (metal) and 5 for swords. Then I start a massive recruitment of troops. I just get money for the Army. Stone, iron (if there is a surplus of stone and iron), sometimes I sell food. So I continue to make an archery army.
I make 750 pieces (enough for my throat) of course 15 catapults and a couple of fireballs. I burn everything outside the enemy’s castle. I let these 750 archers near the castle (I don’t put the whole bunch in one place, I put 750 archers on all 4 sides of the castle if it’s real), then I bump the gates of the wall and use the heavy artillery of the MECHNIKS. 125 pieces are enough. Well, further it is already easier. He sent them to the lord (if he does not have defenders nearby), but it’s already easier there, they will bring him down, of course, without any problems and that’s it. Victory.
I used this tactic during the war with the Wolf.

Do you want walls HUGE? No question, go to the editor, choose a picture with a tree, make a plain, go to where to build a castle, build a wall (on a plain) go to a tree, remove a plain and a large wall.

Simple advice for holding the enemy in development.
From the very beginning of the game, go to the enemy’s castle and build your armory, or better a well on the site of the enemy barracks or armory. The enemy always puts them in one place. Then you can hire 30-40 assassins and destroy the enemy … or just continue to develop quietly until the enemy takes him down.
ATTENTION!!! all actions must be done as quickly as possible! It is most effective in 1v1 combat. Before acting, carefully examine the enemy’s castle.

At the beginning of the mission, you can spend a little money and buy a dozen crossbows and leather mails, create 10 crossbowmen and build one turret – this is very useful when fighting the caliphs … They have a habit of sending a bunch of slaves – and they really shit, so you have to kick them…

We take a dozen archers and drive them to such a distance where they attack the enemy on the towers, but at the same time they themselves are outside the zone of enemy fire. There is no need to immediately deal with all the soldiers on the towers, because there are still a bunch of soldiers on the walls with whom this technique does not work. Here we do it as follows: select the soldier on the tower for the attack and immediately “click” on the villain who has taken refuge behind the fortress wall, into which arrows begin to fly, although the unit is outside the firing zone.

If you want to protect the shooters in the castle from horse archers, put a portable shield on the tower, or barbican.

My tactic:
As for the economy, everything is simple here: I make 4 weevils, 2 mills and 12 bakeries (or even more), and, if possible, I build cowsheds, not so much because of food, but because of leather armor. If there is no oasis nearby, then I go without food, building all kinds of churches and setting the parameter “reverence” to “+5”. The people, of course, but they do not require bread.

I make square towers. If the enemy is close – mangonels, if far – ballista. On them I put a crowd of crossbowmen or, in extreme cases, archers. 5 shooters, 5 leather workers, 5 pikemen, 10 armors, 5 forges, 2 layers of simple and 1 layer of additional walls + a moat with water. It seems that everything.

I attack with 70 pickeners, 60 swordsmen and 100 horse archers to clear the walls from enemy shooters.

Rat, Snake, Sultan, Richard and Boar – it’s not difficult. The rest will have to sweat.
Caliph: His army does not pose a serious threat, however, it is difficult to take his castle because of the oil. Well, there are either sawmills or live meat.
Saladin: a wise ruler, fights well, but his castle is very easy to take by destroying towers and setting fire to the city.
Wolf: this is the most difficult enemy, in my opinion, as it builds very cunning castles. But he also has weak points. He does not dig a moat in all places..

Want to kill the Wise Saladin? Then take 12 catapults and let’s beat his towers, when there are ruins left, go to another tower and also beat it and so on until we take out all the towers. Then we attack with 50/100 crossbowmen and remove all his warriors from the walls, dig up a moat with slaves and then the asassins warm up everything easily and simply.

If you play with someone in an alliance and you have little land for apple orchards and oil mills, and your allies have placed them all over the oasis, then you can destroy them: select assassins or swordsmen and select the “knife” in the lower left corner and immediately press on an ally building you want to destroy. And build your buildings.

My tactics against wolves: well, firstly, the main drawback of wolves is the slow construction of the castle (if there is no stone on the map, then they can build a castle for 500 years). Therefore, I like to destroy them in the first minute of the game..
I needed 30-40 (sometimes 20) Arabian horsemen and 10-15 assassins, I need to build a mercenary camp and a barn immediately at the beginning of the game. Immediately hire horsemen, fire at the enemy, and then finish off with the assassins (in this way, I destroyed 7 allied wolves, 2 at the beginning and 5 after developing).

My castle defense:
I build walls and towers only sometimes (for a long time), instead, I hire 50 Arab horsemen and put them in a convenient place, moving them to the advancing enemy at the right time (it is advantageous to run horsemen in a circle around the enemy infantrymen without letting them approach), but how to take fortresses and they wrote without me.

Track where the enemy will build a barn, barracks, engineering barracks. Then you restart the mission and put a cross in those places or something for the population (a flower bed, a gallows, etc.). Bottom line: the enemy will not be able to build anything in the place where you put your inventory. All this must be done very competently. In this way, I went through all the last 25 missions.

Almost invulnerable soldiers on the walls: 2 layers of low, 1 layer of high, 3-5 layers of jagged.
Start of the game: build 1-2 square towers, place ballistae and archers. It is better to dig an impassable ditch at the beginning, taking away the grass and stone (if any). When playing online on walls, it is better to put archers interspersed with crossbowmen.

Why are there so many horse archers versus pig? 60 enemy crossbowmen will calmly take down your mounted archers! First, place quarries everywhere. Wherever possible! Iron won’t hurt either! Then put up barracks for mercenaries and hire 100 assassins. If the pig sees them, he will immediately give a fight! Then build 7 catapults and 50 horse archers to protect them. Well, bomb them! It’s over! Increase your wheat and bakery along the way – you won’t need any other food. And money can be obtained from a large amount of stone!

I don’t agree with all the tactical tips. I would recommend to beginners. One mill and several bakeries are enough to feed a lot of peasants. The main thing is that they are not far from the warehouse. The less workers have to walk, the faster they grind or bake. Another very important aspect! If stone or iron (or the most expensive resource available on the map) is far from the warehouse, you need to sell everything from the warehouse, and destroy the warehouse (mace in the menu). Now you can build a new warehouse anywhere, that is, near the desired resource. The closer the warehouse is to the stone or iron, the faster the raw materials will be delivered to the warehouse. It is also important that the peasants are afraid of you (scare you to the limit! They will work 150 percent. And in order not to run away – you need to give them ale to drink and always monitor the level of popularity). The best way to fight is crossbowmen. The most effective soldiers. Checked more than once. I personally like to play longer, grow the maximum army and become the dominant lord on the map. Therefore, I always start with defense, and whoever is impatient to win immediately has a trick. Simple tactics against any enemy – a lot of crossbowmen and catapults (from 5 pieces in a group – a terrible weapon against heavy knights and against any siege equipment. A group of 10 is better). There are situations when enemies attack at the same time. Everyone is already familiar with this. A moat with water (an effective means of defense), and behind it on a wall or tower – a brazier and a couple of archers near it. We pour oil behind the ditch, and then we bury the ditch – at the same time we immediately send the infantry to dig it in the filled-up place. The enemies see that there is a passage through the moat – and they send all the soldiers there. By their arrival, the moat has been dug again, but they will not react to this (as a rule), they will run up and will crowd where the oil is poured. Your archers set fire to oil – and an entire army is burned up. And so on.

If you have built a large square or round tower and want to place many archers there, then you should do this: take an army of archers or crossbowmen, or other soldiers … Let’s say you took 80 crossbowmen, then break this crowd into equal parts, but no more than 25 soldiers in each unit, maybe less. You place them at a distance from the tower where you are going to throw them, then, highlighting one piece at a time, send them to the tower (BUT BEFORE YOU SEND THE LAST, THE FIRST PART SHOULD NOT BE ON THE TOWER STILL, AS IT SHOULD NOT BE SUCCESSFUL BEFORE THERE LAST REFERENCE). Thus, all 80 crossbowmen fit on one tower. 80 is not the limit, you can do more.

Towers with such a volume of soldiers are effectively placed on the defensive against Richard and the Wolf, since they send out a lot of iron infantry … And against the caliph, since he sends out a lot of light infantry…

I noticed that some of the players don’t really respect fortresses in the direct understanding of this word (thick walls, ditches, symmetrical shapes, etc.). It’s in vain, especially since — and I’m almost sure of this — they didn’t even try it properly. So, the fortress in the game is a really cool thing. First, it’s more interesting. All the pathos and romance of the medieval lifestyle in the game is immediately felt more sharply. Secondly, it is actually easier to defend. All important buildings are inside, the enemy – at a glance, warriors – instantly run from the citadel to any tower (by the way, craftsmen and workers too) thanks to the symmetry and small dimensions of the castle. Third, you learn to save space. At first it’s hard, but after a few missions a clear algorithm of actions is developed, and everything goes like clockwork. Well, the opponents, which is cool, no longer annoy with small raids. Sieges are less common, but more beautiful and with the participation of large enemy troops, which are no longer a hindrance at all (see point 1.) In short, just try – you will understand everything yourself!

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