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June 17, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Supreme Ruler 2020: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

Start-up capital.
If you are not playing as a rich country right away, you will start with a very small budget. You can simply pick it up. If you are certainly not the most backward country, then you can always sell technology and design of combat units. Considering that the design of the units is different, then for almost any country you can sell your.
I played for Moldova and in the very first days I paid off the entire external debt and received enough money to build all the necessary production facilities, and so a couple of billions still remained.

Inflation and unemployment.
The system is not very logical. But in order for your budget to be positive, free human resources remain and inflation does not grow like crazy…
Taxes – first line we set taxes at 45%. We bet 25% on sales. The rest is 0%.
Social expenses – Medicine and infrastructure to the maximum, the rest is set at the recommended level.
Production – we set everything at 100% of demand.
We set internal prices for Agriculture, water, and forests + 45%.
For electricity, consumer goods, oil + 100%.
We forbid ministers for economy and production to change anything.

Warrior and peace.
Attacking someone with impunity does not work at all. Having declared a warrior to one country, you immediately get a war with all neighbors. You can, of course, restrain their insolent attacks by systematically chopping off a piece from them, sending your units not to repair on time, but one day everything comes down to the fact that the soldiers simply end up and a bunch of equipment in your hangars becomes useless iron, and fewer and fewer units are actively fighting. In this case, it is better to make peace. For this it is necessary to offer the country peace without demanding the same from them. Well, to offer them something to exchange, for example, oil for 3M in return, ask for a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Your proposal will definitely be accepted. Since you stopped the fire, your rating is growing both in the UN and in this country. Although they did not stop the fire, they usually immediately attack again. This time, it is already possible to conclude a full-fledged peace treaty, that is, to offer peace to peace – they will accept 100%. The perfect way to chop off a couple of gorodos and quietly further build up military capabilities.

These are probably all the main points, good luck to everyone in conquering the world.

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