SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate: Council (Immortality)

In general, I wanted immortality for myself for Swat 4, the codes did not help, and there were no trainers, I searched the entire Internet, in search of how to do this, I stumbled into the configuration and found.

The topic is this, go to the “SwatGame” configuration file (I have it here: D: \ SWAT 4 \ System), find the line “[SwatGame.SwatGameInfo]” and change the lines:

“SPDamageModifierEasy = 0

SPDamageModifierNormal = 0

SPDamageModifierHard = 0

SPDamageModifierElite = 0 “

to “0”, above I have already done it.

Then, a little bit lower, we change the line “MPDamageModifier = 1.25” to 0. (as I understand it as a loner), and the line “COOPDamageModifier = 1.0” also to 0 (it’s kind of a cooperative). And you and your special forces are immortal, only if they hit you, then all the damage will be exactly, and your “wards” start to give a shit about everything.

Only I did not check, perhaps the last two lines, there is no need to change, in general, I did just that, and I had all the rules.

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