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November 24, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Syberia 2: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

1. How to unhook the car.
Go inside the car (go to the mechanism itself) and call Oscar. Well, then with a poke meth, it’s easy.

2.The clock (at Hans’ house).
When Kate is in a trance, in a dream, first pick up a mammoth in the cave, talk to Hans’s sister, then with his father and again with his sister, there is a clock on them in the hallway at 2.45 we set this time (II *: III) II is 2 hours, * – an asterisk is half, i.e. 30 min,: – Well, with a colon, I marked how it should look at fifteen to three. Then pull the right weight, then the left. Then set the clock to 7.15 (VII: * VIII) and start the little men, take the key from the table.

3. How to start Oscar’s heart.
Press the buttons crosswise – +

4. How to get berries?
Take in the witch’s room (there is a passage to her left) on the table something that looks like a cylinder. Run into the cave, there are four holes near the mouse
from left to right 1,2,3,4 and two at the top (from left to right I and II). Throw a fish bone into the upper second II (if you did not find it near the house where you woke up). Then plug the hole with a cork 4, there is a strange device behind you, hang a cylinder on it and twist it, an owl will fly. The mouse will hide in hole 3, pull out the cork and stick it into the second hole (2), the mouse will jump over it, and now plug in 1 hole, and pour the top (vertically) I water – you have berries.

Oscar’s heart.
To get it you need:
1. Press 2 buttons, as on hours 7:15
2. Press the 4 cross-shaped buttons.

To get on the train, you have to eject. To do this, you must indicate the location of the train. These coordinates are 82:17.


1) Examine the watch. They don’t go … Look at the dial, the time is 2.45.

2) Talk to your father.

3) Run to Anna, she will give you invaluable information on the topic “when the father goes to work.” And he goes to work at 7.15.

4) We are chasing the clock. And the easiest begins …!

On the board – Roman numeral 12. On the sides – two switches. Click right 4 times, then left 2 times. Then we click on the left soldier, then on the right. We click on the pendulum. Then you can ring the bell … Father began to stir. We click on the right weight. Then we click 9 times with the right switch, then 1 time with the left. And we press the call.

5) We watch the video with happy faces, how the father puts the key on the table and leaves.

6) We approach the table, take the key, unlock the attic door.

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