Tales from the Borderlands: Advice (How to Hack Fiona’s Money Using the Cheat Engine)

1. Start the game (I advise you to hack when you start playing again)

2. Run the “Cheat Engine” program

3.In the upper left corner there will be a blinking button, click on it and find the game in the processes.

4. As you have chosen now, next to the “Value Type” label will most likely be “4 Bytes”, change the value “4 Bytes” to “Float”

5. We go into the game, click on the “Q” button (to check how much money. I’ll take for example the beginning for Fiona).

6. For example: We have $ 10, we must drive these $ 10 into the line below the inscription “Value:” we drive in there “10 (without $)”, then click on the “Firt Scan” button and go into the game. We go further. There 2 psychos will kill the boy, we take money from him and from us (like) “$ 130” we drive into the same field, we just erase our “10” and drive in “130” and press the “Next Scan” button and if there were too many values ​​we go to the entrance to the bar and there we pay the guard “100” and then in the field where we had “130” we drive in “30” and then it should already be found, change and add up)

7. I almost forgot to change it to the desired address, which in the left horse poke 2 times with the mouse and when this address in the lower window we right-click on it in the menu that appears, we find the line “Change record”, point the mouse at it and again a menu appears only now we need the “Value” line, click on it and already in the window that appears, change it to the desired value)

P.S The article was made for those who do not know how to handle “Cheat Engine

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