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November 13, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Terraria: Council (Arrow Guide)

To begin with, we create a new world, develop like everyone else, and then go into distortion (or crimzon), and break several shadow spheres (or their analogue) until a meteorite falls and a musket (or undertaker) falls.

A musket is a firearm, and this is an excuse for the gunsmith to come to our house (do not forget to prepare a spare room for him). If you have broken enough shadow spheres, then a meteorite will soon fall (or has already fallen), which we need to find (it is desirable to have an obsidian skull by this time).

After we have found it (and collected the ore), we can create meteorite cartridges. Of course, we will not shoot from a musket at the wall of flesh, so we need a mini-shark (it costs 35 gold coins, so if we haven’t accumulated yet, then we go to drain the mobs or sell the trash you don’t need).

If you come across a mushroom biome, be sure to collect mushrooms and seeds. You can build a farm .

Also, a good way to make money would be to create a farm on statues, put a statue of a goldfish / rabbit / bird, bring wires to them and put on a timer (I jumped on the button), collect them with a net and sell them to a merchant, a goldfish costs 7.5 silver.

It’s best for beginners to find hidden traps and adjust to them..

Goblin Invasion

The goblin invasion is not that important for the shooter. What matters will be after it. On this you need to go through it. But for this you need to either: have + 200hp, at least one broken Shadow Orb / Bloody Heart and just wait; or: reach the end of the world and take a walk there to kill enough Goblin Scouts for the Battle Banner.

The fight

Fighting the Goblin Army is easy enough. All you need is to build a closed box around you and make holes in it in one block. Shoot a bow / musket / mini-shark through it. The only problem will be the Goblin Mages due to the fact that their projectiles go through the walls. But they are easy to beat off with any sword.

After the battle

After the battle with the goblins, you need to walk through the caves and find the Goblin Engineer. You can buy Rocket Boots and other goodies from him. You can also reforge your accessories and accessories from him. Not cheap, of course.

First boss

So, it’s time for your first boss. But for him you NEED to have a Miniacula. Your first boss will be the Eater of Worlds or the Brain of Cthulhu. Both of these bosses live in the World Corruption. This is either Distortion or Crimzon. Summoning for these bosses can be done by collecting 6 Corrupted mushrooms or Abominable mushrooms, or rather from the pollen that is made from them. It can be made on the Alchemy table. The next material will be 15 Rotten meat or Vertebrae. If all the materials are combined on the Demon / Blood altar, you will get a bait for the boss. It can be recognized according to the characteristic description (Summon the Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu) .It is desirable to make several copies, because. You may not be able to kill the boss the first time, or you will need more ore. Now is the time to make an arena. Collect wood in your Warp / Crimson because it will be a little unwise to spend simple wood. So, make ~ 100 platforms and line them up: in 3 rows if you have Distortion; in 5 rows if you have Krimzon. The arena is ready. Optionally, you can drink several Potions, if any. Stand in the middle of your arena and summon the boss. In the case of the Worm, the course of the battle: move around your arena following the boss’s attacks on the minimap (Only since version 1.3. If you are playing on a version lower than this, then drink the Hunter’s Potion, it will help you) try to dodge attacks. With 15 armor, the Worm will inflict 15-20 damage with frontal attacks. But since the Worm loves to inflict constant damage, it is better Do not fall under his attacks. Let’s return to the battle. Dodging (Or not dodging) from the attack, shoot from the mini-machine gun. Meteorite bullets are not only penetrating, but they also have one ricochet from the wall. If you shoot the Worm in the tail (With a vertical attack ), then you can do good damage. Sometimes (even more likely, almost always), the Devourer will try to pinch us in the ring of his body, like a boa. But due to its relatively small size, he rarely succeeds. But if he pinched you, then this minimum -25 hp Ta Also, when one of the segments of the Worm is destroyed (except for the tail segment and the head), it splits and turns into the same boss, only smaller. If there are a lot of such stumps, it becomes very dangerous. Therefore, try to hit the Worm in the head or tail, if at least one segment (Except a little higher than those listed) low health. When the Devourer becomes quite short, you can shoot him anywhere.

Now about the Brains of Cthulhu. When you summon the boss, try to shoot only at his Minions. Until all the minions are killed, the Brain is immortal. It will be easy to kill the Watchers with a mini-ball with meteor bullets. After the destruction of the Minions, the Brain enters the second phase. This is where the fun begins. the creature will teleport close to the character. This is where your arena came in handy. After teleporting the Brain to you, go down / go up 2 levels of platforms. The brain will fly after you. Since this boss has no immunity to being knocked back, it can be kept at a distance from yourself. But he will not stay in one place for a long time. He will teleport to the character again. If he repeated his maneuver in the same direction for the second time, then immediately move away from him, spamming with blows and going up / down back to the middle of the arena.

After killing your first boss, a Dryad will come to you and you will receive ore.

Another boss

It’s time for the next boss. But you need to prepare a little. From the ore and material (Shadow scales / Sample of cloth) you can (even need) to make armor, a pickaxe and everything you need. Now you need a summoner. It is made from 10 Lenses on the already familiar Demon / Bloody Altar. This boss can only be summoned at night. And if you fail to kill him during the night, he will fly away without leaving a drop. Now to the boss. You need to kill the Eye of Cthulhu. Of course, at this stage it will be easy, but it needs to be done. With such armor and a Mini-shark, you can easily kill him. When you make a summoner, return outside and wait for the night. By that time, it will be better to find a level area. When night falls, call the Eye and shoot him from the Mini-Shar. She will inflict 3- 5 damage. It would seem – why so little? In fact, the Eye in the first stage has a lot of protection. But the rate of fire of the Mini-Shark pays for its small damage. The Eye in its first phase will mostly circle above us, sometimes lazily ramming. Do not dodge. tons of problems. With the help of the Mini-Sharp it is easy to bring him to the second phase. When you brought him, he begins to NOT lazily ram, but even very actively. But he stops releasing his annoying minions and loses all his armor. But the ram also becomes more dangerous Your Rocket Boots will come in handy. The eye will do 2-4 dashes at a time, so when ramming fly away from it, leaving some fuel in the boots for a soft landing. Do not stop shooting in the eye.

Thus, the Eye will light up in about half a night. From it you will drop a little ore and any junk that you do not need.


After getting Rocket Boots (or their Improved version), enhanced weapons and armor, it’s time for you to Dungeon. But to enter there you need to kill Skeletron. Basically, if you already have a mini-shark, it won’t be difficult. You just need to build a straight road from the platforms (Better 2-4 floors) and, running along it, shoot on the head. When it starts spinning, do the same.

Danjou travel

After killing Skeletron, you will have a way to Dungeon. There are not many useful things for a shooter in Dungeon. But there’s a Pistol in there. With the help of Infernal Ingots, it can be turned into a Phoenix Blaster. The latter is a good weapon. Also in Dungeon it would be good to find Muramasu – a good sword for the shooter. Collect the Water candle, you will need it in the future. Also take the Shadow key there..


After traveling around Dangik, it’s time for you to go to hell. Don’t think anything bad, it’s just a location. To get there, you need to dig for a long time. The time of digging depends on your size of the world. You can also buy from the Bomb Demoman, use the Gel to make from bombs Sticky bombs, and EXACTLY throwing them down, blow up the path to hell. After getting the road to hell, go down there. After descending into hell, you need to find the Infernal Oven and Firebloom. When you find this, boldly go home. Replace the old oven. new, Infernal. From firebloom, obsidian and a bottle of water on the Alch. table you can make Potion of obsidian skin. It is better to do 2. When you make them, go to hell again. Now you need Ore of Hell. It is most often found in lava lakes in This is where your potion will come in handy. After drinking it, you do not take damage from fire, fire blocks and lava. After drinking it, we dive into the lava. Hell ore is easy to notice. If there is a sufficient amount of ore, then with the help of 1 potion you can get up to 250 ore. You need about 350-400 ore, just in case ay.Tobish, with 2 potions we will get enough ore. When we collect, go home. But to smelt this ore into ingots, you need obsidian. For this you will again have to go to the cave and dig up obsidian. After melting the ore, you need do some things. These are: Staff of Devils, Fury of the Core, Great Flame Sword, Infernal Pickaxe and, if desired, Infernal Hammerhead.

Pre-hardmode accessories

There are not so many accessories for our adventures before hardmod.

A little (or a lot) of walking around Danjou will find the Cobalt Shield. In the Engineer’s Workshop, he and the Obsidian Skull can be crossed. You will get the Obsidian Shield. This is the accessory you need.

You will also have Rocket / Spectral boots.

The Cloud in a bottle will perfectly match your accessories, which will make your journey easier.

Surely, at the beginning of the game you will find Eglet in the chests. It, unlike other accessories, is cheaply reforged, and it is not difficult to chain it to + 3 / + 4 defense. It will turn out to be an excellent speed and defense booster.

The Ring of Regeneration is also useful, which increases regeneration..


Tip: The armor on the shooter does not provide much protection. Therefore, it is better to reforge all accessories for protection (+ 3 / + 4). It would also be nice to drink a potion of iron skin when fighting any boss.

Dohardfashion rifle armor is necro armor, so you’ll have to mine bones in the dungeon and webs in the dungeon.

After we created it, you can safely go to hell and find there, the Guide Doll, which falls from the Voodoo Demon.

Prepare a skewer battle area, which is a long straight line of blocks. You need to prepare not only the arena, but also yourself. Prepare Potion of Iron Skin and Potion of Regeneration.

When you want to kill the Strongest pre-hard-fashioned boss, then run to one end of your path, take the guide’s doll, and throw it into the lava. Drink potions. Using the Miniacula, we first kill the minions of the wall of flesh, after which we shoot her in the eyes and mouth. Do not forget that the less flesh of life the Wall has, the faster it moves and shoots a laser. After the victory, a box of obsidian will appear, so you don’t have to worry about the drop (it won’t fall into the lava). We climb into the box, collect the drop and go home.

Everything, our world in Hardmod mode.

Nagibator dropped from the Wall of Flesh, so now you can break the Demonic Altar (Bloody Altar in the crimzone). After you break the first altar, a new ore will come to your world – Cobalt or Palladium, after the second – Mithril or Orichalcum. The third altar will give another Adamantite or Titan, then in a circle.

We must now mine this ore. To mine Mithril Ore, you need a Cobalt Drill or Cobalt Pickaxe. To make a cobalt drill or a pickaxe, you need the cobalt itself, which can be obtained with the Infernal Pickaxe. After mining a fairly large amount of cobalt ore, you must smelt it into cobalt ingots. These ingots can be used to make your first hard-fashioned armor and drill. Mithril can be obtained with this drill.

After you have Mithril Ore, you need to make Mithril Drill, Mithril Armor, and Mithril Anvil. We extract adamantite, create an adamantite furnace. After that, you can safely make yourself armor and other things..

When we have adamantite armor, you need to kill the first hard-fashioned boss – the Annihilator. It will be more difficult for a shooter than for another class. But it is possible. The simplest tactic will be to climb much higher (just below the level of the Floating Islands), build a box there, place “Clouds” with the help of the Cloud Rod and shoot from a bow (Crossbow), the maximum power of your level of development and shoot at the Worm with arrows of the jester. The Annihilator will drop his Megaakula. It will be useful for you to kill other bosses. You will also receive holy ingots. It would be nice to make Excalibur out of them.

Tip: For convenience, it would be great to make an Infinite Musket Bag (Only since version 1.3)

Wings are required to kill the next boss. They allow you to fly, hover and not take fall damage. For the wings you need the souls of flight. They drop with Wyverns. We also need material for the wings. The simplest wings will be Angel or Demon wings. In order to create them you need 25 souls of light / night and 10 feathers. In principle, they can be omitted. It is enough to go to the Ferryman (She will move in after killing the Big Steel Worm) and buy a Jetpack from her.

Your second mechanical boss will be Gemini. For them, you will need a universal arena (Just build several floors of platforms, surrounded by blocks on the sides, with campfires placed.) The tactic will be as follows – shoot from Megaakula at one of the eyes (It is advisable to start with Retinuser), flying back and forth, up- down, left and right. After its transition to the second phase, do the same thing. After killing Retaineizer, proceed to Spasm. In the first phase, it will not be a problem to damage him. Just shoot him while dodging the jerks. When he starts shooting cursed lights fly up on the wings, shooting just above the very eye. Then get down, shooting a little lower. When he enters the second phase, you need to be careful. Stay in your arena, dodging more dangerous dashes by going down / up the platforms. When he starts to “breathe” the flame, fly sideways on the wings, shooting at him. After finishing his “breath”, fly back to the arena. Thus, we kill the second eye..

The third and final mechanical boss will be Skeletron Prime. Take advantage of the same arena as when fighting the Gemini. There are no tactics as such. During the whole fight you have to run around your arena and shoot in the head. When the head starts spinning, gradually descend (If it is higher than the character) or rise on the wings (if it is somehow under the character) and shoot at it. Try to shoot only in the head, since killing the limbs of the Skeletron Prime will not lead to victory over him (By killing the limbs, you simply waste time). If limbs bother you a lot, then in the next battle try to kill the hand that bothers you the most..

From the second and third mech. Bosses you will get more holy ingots. Make armor out of them. If there are not enough ingots, then kill the Annihilator a couple more times as he is the lightest ‘Mech boss. When you have enough ingots for your armor, make it. You will also need Borepil / Kirkopor.


Now we need to get a special ore – Chlorophyte. It is mined by Borer / Kirkoporm. Chlorophyte can be found in the Underground Jungle. If you have enough free time, then make a chlorophyte farm. Just go to the stone layer, make a large rectangular hole there, several rows of 5×5 mud cubes, about 3-4 cubes in each row. Place 1 or more chlorophyte ore in the center of each cube. If done correctly, chlorophyte will convert dirt into a self-like substance (tobish into chlorophyte). Chlorophyte armor can be omitted.

After you have collected enough chlorophyte, you must fulfill the conditions for the appearance of the Truffle.

Surely, collecting chlorophyte, you will find a Planter bud. You’d better not touch it yet. In the place where you found it, make a long tunnel to either side of it. From the end of the tunnel, retreat about 8 blocks and separate them from the tunnel by one row of blocks with a gap in one block for shooting, put a Teleport and a fire there. Put the lever on the teleporter (buy it from the Mechanic. Also buy from her a wrench, wire cutters and about 100 wires). Do the same at the other end of the tunnel and use a wrench to run the wires from the lever to the teleport (At both ends of the tunnel) and from one teleport to the other. If everything is done correctly, then, standing on the teleporter, pressing the lever, you will teleport to the other end of the tunnel. All! Now with the help of a pick / drill we break the Planter’s Bud. When we break it, the boss will be called – Planter. The boss is a large flower moving on its hooks. When this flower creeps up to you, shoot the tunnel. When she approaches, then teleport to the other end of the tunnel and shoot again. If you get hit by a hook – teleport without thinking! The hook deals 60 permanent damage.

So you can defeat Planter with minimal damage..

Killing Plantera will give us a new NiP-Cyborg and the Key to the Jungle Temple.

Now let’s get back to chlorophyte. After killing Plantera, Truffle will have a new commodity – an auto-hammer. With it you can convert chlorophyte into mushroom ingot. Take your time to convert all chlorophyte! You only need to make armor from mushroom ingots, and this is 54 ingots. The rest of the chlorophyte must be left or made into chlorophyte bullets.

Mushroom armor – The second “coolest” armor for the gunner (Before version 1.3 it is the best).


Aboard! (Pirate Invasion)

Now let’s talk about invasions. Around the stage of killing Mech bosses, it is advisable to go through the Pirate Invasion. It will be quite difficult. So preparation. First, let’s find a flat surface. Better close to the original spawn point. There we make a box around us (As in the Invasion of the Goblins) a little more than the jump in height, so that the pirates could not jump on it. Punch holes in it into one block for shooting and protection from melee pirates. It remains only to summon the pirates with the Pirate Map and wait for them to come. If you have already killed the Annihilator and made Megaakula, then repelling the invasion will be easy and relatively quick. If you haven’t made Megaakula, then shoot with the Clockwork Assault Rifle. If there is no such one, then shoot from the Miniacula or throw Grenades through the hole, but the latter are also dangerous for you, be careful. When the invasion is over, collect the loot. You will receive a lot of money, gold interior items and, if you’re lucky, something rare. Also, after the invasion, the Pirate will come to you.

Who turned off the light? (Solar eclipse)

After exploring the Dungeon of the jungle and picking up all the traps there, you must try to go through the Solar Eclipse. Opening a few chests from the Jungle Dungeon will surely find a Fragment of the Solar Cooker. From 8 such fragments, you can make a whole Solar Plate. You can also get it whole.

Prepare for the Eclipse carefully, because it is really difficult and lasts a whole game day.

You need to upgrade your versatile arena. First you need to place traps from the Dungeon of the jungle and connect them to the One-second timer. Further enclose the arena with walls (Close to the arena) and make holes there for shooting. Now level the surface next to the arena. Move 40-50 blocks away from the arena on either side of it, place one block and pour 2 buckets of lava in each direction. Arena ready.

It is better to build this arena immediately after killing all mech bosses, because A solar eclipse can start suddenly, but make it so far without traps, and after visiting the Dungeon jungle, place them.

When the arena is ready, you can summon the Eclipse. After the call, turn on the timer and shoot in both sides of the arena (Approaching and shooting to one side, then to the other). So fight. When Motron arrives, do not be alarmed, although he is rather ugly (When I saw him for the first time I almost fell off my chair). Place the already familiar “Clouds” above you and shoot. Motron has a lot of health, so you have to tinker with him for a long time. Sometimes, Motron will want to lay his egg. To do this, he will sit on a block and sit there for a while. During this period, Motron is most vulnerable. When he lays an egg, quickly destroy it, otherwise it will hatch and a baby of Motron will fly out of it, which will soon turn into an adult. Most often, Motron lays several eggs, and not one, and he can lay it right in the lava near your arena. Then the egg will quickly be destroyed, and Motron will receive additional damage. Motron attacks in dashes, passing through blocks. He does them a little faster than the Queen of the Bees. But Motron itself is not very dangerous. From it you will get quite a lot of money (from 75 gold to 2 platinum), as well as valuable loot. For the shooter, the Nailgun is useful, it is a fairly powerful ranged weapon. He uses Nails as projectiles. Also useful is the Broken Sword of the Hero, from which you can make True Excalibur and True Blade of the Night. These two swords can be used to make the Terra Sword, almost the perfect sword for a shooter. Another value is the Eye on the Spring, the Staff of the Death Sphere, the Eye of Cthulhu, the Shell of Neptune and the Moonstone .


If you are unhappy with the current weapon, then you need to find a tactical shotgun and sniper rifle. They fall from a tactical skeleton and a sniper skeleton that are found in Dungeon after the murder of Plantera. But they are quite rare. To have more of them, put a water candle and drink a battle potion. We kill these two types of skeletons until we have a tactical shotgun or sniper rifle.

If you are using version 1.3 and higher, then the guide has a continuation.

When you’re ready, go to the Jungle Temple. Having reached its end, you will fall (or not fall) into various traps. They need to be collected. There will also be chests in the Temple. In them you will definitely find the Lizard Battery. After reaching the end of the temple, you will find a large room with the Altar of the lizards. If you right-click on it and if there is a lizard battery in your inventory, the Golem will be summoned. Learn about tactics here. After killing him, cultists will appear at the entrance to the dungeon. You shouldn’t beat them. If you are ready for another difficult boss, you can kill them. When you do this, the boss will be summoned – Lunatic Cultist. When you kill him, you will have a 100% chance to drop the Ancient Manipulator. There will also be 4 Heavenly Towers in the world. Each tower represents each class in the game. Vortex Tower – symbolizes the arrow class. Tower of the sun – symbolizes the warrior class. Nebula Tower – symbolizes the magician class. Stardust Tower – Symbolizes the Summoner Class.

Each of these Towers has 20,000hp. They also have an impenetrable shield that can be broken by killing 100 (150 in Expert mode) monsters in the biome, which creates a Tower around itself. After the shield is destroyed, monsters do not stop appearing. After being killed, the tower leaves its Fragment. These fragments are used to craft the most powerful equipment.

Be neat! After killing the 4th tower, the Moon Lord will be summoned in one minute!

But the Arrow is only interested in the Vortex Tower. Kill her first. From the fragments obtained, you can make 1 (if you are lucky, then 2) the best weapons for the shooter. This is the Vortex Cannon and / or Phantasm.

When you get stronger and decide to kill the final boss (Tobish Moon Lord), simply destroy the remaining Heavenly Towers. See tactics here.

Interesting Facts 
Chlorophyte bullets – homing; 
Best Ranged Weapon Attachment – Unreal; 
When your character is wearing mushroom armor, he becomes invisible, the reaction of monsters decreases. If you stand still for a few seconds, the damage from all ranged weapons and ammo will increase;
A farm for glowing mushrooms comes in handy



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