The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tip (Increase Carry Weight, Console Method)

The method is taken from the wiki, so I do not pretend to be an original method, but I think it will be useful if you have not heard about it yet.
Tip (Alternative code for increasing carry weight) does not work, no matter how much I try.

Console method, a bit confusing but works like a Swiss watch.

1. We take the alchemist’s kit, so as not to look for them around the world, we get them through the console (alembic, retort, calciner, mortar and pestle), I used the Grandmaster.
Distillation cube: player-> additem “APPARATUS_G_ALEMBIC_01” 1
Retort: ​​player-> additem “APPARATUS_G_RETORT_01” 1
Calcinator: player-> additem “APPARATUS_G_CALCINATOR_01” 1
Mortar and Pestle: player-> additem “APPARATUS_G_MORTAR_01” 1

2. Through the console, we increase three parameters to a value of 1,000,000,000 (billion): alchemy, intelligence, luck. Remember to remember the original values ​​of these parameters.

player-> setalchemy 1000000000
player-> setintelligence 1000000000
player-> setluck 1000000000

3. Add three ingredients in the amount of one hundred pieces through the console: heather, ruby, skattle.

player-> additem “ingredient_heather_01” 100
player-> additem “ingredient_ruby_01” 100
player-> additem “ingredient_scuttle_01” 100

One hundred is taken as an example. The quantity can be any.

4. We prepare a pen potion in the amount of one hundred pieces, take the alembic and drag it onto the character.
The following characteristics of the potion are obtained (if you use the alchemical set of the grand master): 60,000,0005 points for 1,800,000,000 seconds.
We convert seconds into years and we get that 1 bottle is enough for 57 years.

five. Using the console, we bring the changed characteristics of the character to the original.

Bottom line, we drink 1 can and rejoice:

1800000000 – One billion eight hundred million seconds, that’s 57 years old, with unlimited weight.

P.S In order not to spoil the experience of the game, remove the Alchemist’s Kit and play further with pleasure, without bothering with a constant lack of space in your inventory.

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