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October 26, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

The Long Dark: Advice (How to Kill a Black Bear)

Welcome all. Today. After playing The Long Dark for about 1000 hours of steam.
I’ll tell you. In what ways did I kill the Black Bear in this game?.
Let’s start.

Method 1:

Be close to home. Shoot the Bear’s HEAD.
Enter your premises quickly. Sleep like this for 2 hours.
Wake up. Look. Medvet is dead. For due to blood loss
He passed out and died!

Method 2:

Climb any Hill that you can climb
only either through the top or through the corners. Shoot the bear. And all.
The bear will just run under you while you shoot him..
The method is certainly more expensive than the first. But you haven’t seen my 3 Way.

Method 3:

Be close to the Machine. Shot at the bear. Hiding in the car.
The main thing is that he doesn’t get too fast. Probably will catch up with you: D
And so you repeat until he dies. Or as in 1 way.
1 Headshot. And just sit in the car until you die.

Method 4:

My last and final way to kill “Black Bear”.
I advise you to have somewhere 15-20 Meat. For so much it took me
This way. Probably. As you know.
If the wolf is chasing you – Then you can throw a piece of meat on the floor.
He will eat it and chase you further. Thereby. You win
time to shoot the Wolf. It’s the same with the bear! The main thing is to have time. Throw it away. Meat.
I died like that once on Day 59. Don’t repeat my mistake. You are welcome.
The process itself: Shoot the bear. He runs to you. Throw meat.
Step back further. He eats it. Shoot again and repeat the process.

Well. I hope I helped someone. For this “Black Bear” brought me so much
Trouble in the early stages. Yes, and right now, it is not frail, the same troubles.
Good luck to everyone and the Head of the Keeper will come with you!

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