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April 10, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

The Long Dark: Game Tips

The Long Dark: Game Tips

1. Yes, the first and perhaps most important – Don’t use terrain maps. This completely kills the atmosphere of the game. Draw the map yourself, and when you think that the area has been sufficiently explored, you can check the original map and visit the places you haven’t discovered.

2. Don’t walk at night without urgent need. It is much colder at night than during the day, there is a high risk of getting lost, not to notice the wolf in time. Need to sleep at night!

3. Rest and sleep for 10 hours at night. 10 hours is a full night, during which time there is a full recovery of forces. Try to get tired during the day so that the character does not suddenly wake up 2-3 hours before the morning, but sleeps according to the mode :). If the GG woke up an hour before dawn, and the strength did not fully recover – just go to the toilet, drink some water and sleep on.

4. Do not walk unnecessarily in Purga, when the time is indicated as ???. Blizzard strongly tears clothes.

5. All mined fry meat / fish immediately (on the same day). Or, alternatively, store it raw and return 50% freshness after frying..

6. Fried store fish / meat outdoors, near the house and eat what you need.

7. Caught fry the fish immediately. Fortunately, there is a stove for this in every fishing booth. The fish is 100% roasted and loses half of its weight, making it easier to carry home.

8. YAYAYAYAZZZZZ :)) more than 5 kg. can only be caught in the Coastal Highway location, at the sea. On rivers and lakes, these are not found. There are cases of fishing> 5 kg on the lake, with a high level of “Fishing” skill, but the random is very low (thanks for the info Adriano)

nine. Do not fight wolves unnecessarily. Sometimes they graze so comfortably away from home – so let them stay there. As I personally think, the most unpleasant thing in melee with a wolf is spoiled clothes..

ten. Get used to archery, leave the gun at home (-4 kg)

eleven. Don’t forget to take your arrows from the crime scene after a miss / hit. If the animal fell, and the arrow is not visible due to the carcass, return in a day or two, the arrow will lie next to or in place of the carcass.

12. Moving through the open spaces periodically do short stops:
– listen to the sounds, the bear is heard from afar, its crunching and snorting, and if you are looking for housing, then the sound of the roof from the wind or the creaks of walls, gates, doors.

thirteen. How to kill a bear? Use natural and man-made barriers. Climb a difficult hill or, like me, shoot through the broken window of the manor’s veranda in Otradnaya Valley (as an example). Also, the game mechanics allows you to hide behind the railings and fences of houses.

fourteen. If the weather sh ** but. Do household chores: sew, repair, read, boil water supplies…

15. For use forge Requires Heavy Hammer (yes, I didn’t know). Look before you run to forge something. (there is a side by side)

16. Always on the way harvest young birch and maple (for arrows and bow). Their location is random, but usually away from houses and tracks (in the forest).

17. Always do in every location main base. There should be a stove, bed, workbench and loot cabinets.

eighteen. When moving to another location steal all the loot you need as close as possible to the transition point (to the house, trailer, etc.) And from there carry it to the new lock.

19 As soon as you change into skins forget about the temperature (except for the night). Up to +10 in the afternoon – easy!

20. Don’t just burn the fire! Only if you need to fry something or boil water.

21. Skill “Fix” – repair all the clothes that you find, and only then tear it into fabric.

22. Refrigerators in homes are not working, and will not save you meat / fish as it is outside.

23. How to beautifully arrange items on the shelves. Drop the item on the floor and on the floor with the right mouse button. Coziness is so nice.

24. You can use a deer or a hare to scare the wolf. The wolf will gnaw them (well, Nat Geo Wild is straight), but then you need to scare off the wolf until he ate everything along with the skin and guts.

25. *** temporarily removed ***

26. If the carcass is frozen, then collect the meat only with an ax, and the skin and intestines with a knife. Yes, it’s faster. If fresh, then only with a knife. If the skill is pumped, then everything is with a knife

27. Bear sack. Needed only for easier earning achievements, when you need to spend a night under the sky and three nights in a row, and of course “Wrapped in furs”. It is heavy by itself (3 kg), for repairs again you need a bear, and it is better to sleep in a crib, but useful in the locations “Wolf Mountain” and “Lonely Marsh”

28. Wolves – 1) Pass by side; 2) Squatting wolves see you worse; 3) Torch – light and wave (but they can also attack); 4) We carry a piece of raw meat with us – we throw the bait and make legs; 5) Shotgun – we kill from a distance, Bow \ Shotgun – we kill close, the wolf runs along a tangent, goes into a straight line to jump, shoot.
Add. – on a stalker and higher, the presence of raw meat in a backpack attracts wolves, they start from a distance purposefully walking towards you.

29. Search for loot in houses. The game system likes to hide a lot from us under cabinets and beds, on tall cabinets and shelves. Turn on the flashlight and look in all corners and under all pedestals.

thirty. Rope. There is no urgent need for a rope. In most places the ropes are already hanging, you just need to find and use them. The rope weighs 5 kg (weight). Never use a rope if your strength is half or less, there is a high probability that you will exhale half the way and fall off it..

31. Pleasant Valley – the largest location of all available at the moment and at the same time it has the most disgusting weather, frequent winds and blizzards, but it has a bunker and other interesting places.

32. Bunkers come with food, engineering, medical and resource. there are bunkers only at the locations “Otradnaya Dolina” and “Mysterious Lake”, the respawn places are random out of 9-10 possible.

33. In a closed cave, you can meet a beast, in my experience, only 1 time in a cave in the “Desolation Zone” near a waterfall, a wolf cave with bones, but it should contain a rifle from the past hunter for this wolf)). Walk in other caves without being afraid.

34. Everyone says that a wolf named Fluff lives at the hydroelectric power station. I have not met :))

35. Autosave system. The game is built only on autosave, which occur when: waking up after rest or waiting, regardless of the selected time, after entering a closed room, after an attack by a wolf or bear, after losing consciousness as a result of a fall or other injury.

36. Damaging things. Since patch 349, as soon as you get into the world of TLDs, everything everywhere and in all the location starts to deteriorate, but slowly but deteriorates. Do not be surprised if after living in one place for a long time you find that in another location you come across already destroyed things.

37. Wolf Mountain – An interesting location, but you shouldn’t go there unprepared: there are a lot of animals, there are no familiar warm houses. Dress up and take a sleeping bag from the bear.

38. “Top of the wolf mountain” – a place everyone should visit, but getting there is very difficult. Plan your treks and sleeping spots, and have a coffee before climbing the rope. (I got 3 days to the top).

39. With new patches, now everything that wears on us influences our stamina and amount of running time. How to be – dress warmly and do not think about the weight of your clothes. The main enemy is cold

40. Backpack weight – up to 30kg. – no problems; from 30 to 40 – it is hard for you, you get tired faster; from 40 to 50 kg – you cannot run; from 50kg – up to 60 you are slow to a complete stop. Don’t be afraid to carry more than 30 or 40 kg if it’s worth it.

41. Claustrophobia – if it is critical and its% is already high, then spend the night on the street (sleep in a bag).

42. Different layers of clothing can be combined in different ways depending on what is on top and what is inside. Experiment and find the combination for you.

Thank you for your attention and Happy hunting!

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