The Saboteur: Tip (Adding the cut-out tanks to the garage)

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May 5, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

The Saboteur: Tip (Adding the cut-out tanks to the garage)

Hello everyone, today I will explain step by step how to add all the cut out vehicles to the garage.

1) Download the Tsearch program;

2) Download my attached text file with codes;

3) Open the Tsearch program and my file;

4) Launch the game and minimize (you can use the task manager);

5) In the Tsearch program, click “Open Process” and select “Saboteur”;

6) Click on the Hex Editor icon, you will see a window with codes;

7) Next, in the Hex Editor, click on the 5th icon on the left “Replace”, that is, replace the code;

8) You have opened a small window with 2 fields, strictly remember that in the upper field we write the codes of the transport you want to replace! And in the lower field, write the code of the cut transport that you want to add to the garage!

9) Open my file with codes and see what and what you want to replace, that is, cut out tanks – Bengal, Blum III, Gato, KT 12, to add them to the garage, copy the code of one of them, paste its code into the bottom field, and in the upper field, insert the code of only a rare vehicle that you want to replace and which does not travel anywhere on the map, for example – Armed Bauer, Fuel tanker Bauer, Kaiser bulletproof, Tractor, etc..

10) And so in turn with all the cut out tanks, just copy their codes and replace them with another rare vehicle in the game! (you can just replace 1 cut out tank as you want)

My advice is to replace it like this:

CT 12 – Armed Bauer

Bengal – Fuel Tanker Bauer

Blum III – Bulletproof Kaiser

Gato – Gestapo GS

11) Then click “Replace all” or “Replace all”, unfold the game back, go to the mechanic in the garage and look for your cut out tanks in the garage! Now you can calmly respawn them from there and put them on auto-run.

You can also add Phoenix to the garage in this way! His code is on my list.


1) The cut out KT 12 armored car bugs the sound in the game! be careful!

2) Unfortunately, this is only for one start of the game, with the subsequent launch, you will have to re-register their codes, it is not difficult, but you can also put your favorite tank on auto-run, and separate others in garages so that they are preserved and stood there.

Good luck with your prescription! If you have any questions, then write, I will answer all!

The Saboteur: Tip (Adding the cut-out tanks to the garage)

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