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November 26, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

The Sims 3: Tip (Useful drawing bug)

I created a character of the artist and discovered one interesting feature related to the acceleration of the painting process.
This is most likely a cheat, but since the console is not involved, I took it as a tip

Actually the principle of operation:
1) open the inventory of the character
2) we order to draw on the big picture
3) as soon as we notice the slightest change on the canvas, click on the cancellation of the action
4) wait 2-5 seconds. while the character convulses by inertia, depicting the chaste work of the artist
5) order to continue
6) see point 3
7) see point 4

x) with five-ruble eyes, we find that the picture is completed in less than 30 seconds. and quickly drag it for sale in inventory or on a nearby wall
x + 1) we start from point 2.

a) do not speed up time
b) laziness – see cheats for money, buy yourself normal paintings and finish building a house
c) for God’s sake, keep quiet…
d) if there is more than one family member, first engage others in long-term affairs so as not to distract TSZo from the process

Request in gratitude to answer the question
How do I make sims draw jpg images from my folder in documents? (this could be done in the sims 2 – here I did not find such a chip, but I would very much like)

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