The Swindle: Tip (One Save Game for the whole game)

This guide is primarily relevant for the most difficult achievements of the moment. It:

[Spring-Heeled Jack] Complete the game with your starting thief. (Beat the game as the first thief (i.e. without dying))


[The Hard Way] Complete the game without purchasing the Teleporter. (Complete the game without purchasing the “Teleport”)

Also, using this method, you can complete all other achievements or simply accumulate millions with hard-earned money.

  1. And so this method: We pass the first level 100% (it is desirable that there was more money and the multiplier began to accumulate).
  2. We quit the game.
  3. We follow the path C: \ Your_Profile \ AppData \ LocalLow \ Size Five Games \ The Swindle (folder AppData hidden, to display it, go to “start” ->“control panel” -> “folder options” -> “view” -> “hidden files and folders” -> “show hidden files and folders”)
  4. Copy the file SwindleData.txt, after every successful mission, somewhere convenient.
  5. If you fail the task or “Something went wrong” just delete SwindleData.txt, paste copied and play further.
  6. Repeat items 3-4 until the game is complete.
  7. Profit.

P.S. The method is relevant for the license, it has not been tested on pirate.

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