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October 2, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Tips for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Having started a new game and being on the balcony, do not go inside, but holding X, quickly (as you can) type: ‘space’, left mouse button, E, C, E, ‘space’, left mouse button, C. After that you get to a secret level in the style of the first Prince of Persia.

Holders of Geforce 4 MX graphics cards, for you.

To keep the game running and not slow down, do the following:

1.Take the 3D Analyze program (dontlinkthefile_3danalyzer – v234.rar).

2.Run it and use the SELECT button to specify the path to PrinceofPercia.exe

3.In the Hardware Limits (cap bits) section, check the boxes in the 1st (top to bottom), 3rd, 4th and 5th items.

4.Click RUN.

5. Reduce all settings to a minimum.


In the hall where you are fighting with your father in one of the corners (always in different corners), you will find a secret room, where on the walls you will see a message from the developers and a description of another secret of the game, and which one – I won’t tell you – is more interesting for you will be!

To keep the game running and not slow down, you need to call the review mode, then the camera will not flicker. In the game, you can use combinations of blows, for example: a somersault, a blow with a sword and a blow with a dagger (but does not work on all monsters).

To open the secret level in the prince of persia sands of time you need: start a new game, then press and hold [x], then press [space] left mouse button [e] [c] [e] left mouse button. Loading.

First, I will say that the game does not slow down, you just need to put all the effects to a minimum. The picture will only get better from this (for not the most powerful computers), and it will become more fun to play. To fight the strongest opponents, and in general for everyone, you can use the following tactics: first a somersault (if possible), then a somersault with absorption while standing (in the previous tip), then a kick with a rebound from the wall, then a somersault with a rebound from the wall ( in no case is it the other way around, opponents can deviate from this), then again a blow with a rebound from the wall, after a somersault with a rebound from the wall, a blow and absorption, and then, who knows how, it is advisable to leave one opponent and make a combination with a block (then there is a hit after block or absorption after block). If there are many enemies and there is a sand cloud nearby (although it is not necessary at all), you can immobilize asekh opponents at the same time (hold block, then R), and then scatter them.

In some battles, when the camera flickers strongly, you can change the view mode, then, accordingly, the camera will stop flickering and you can safely fight. Also, for those who love a regular camera, you just need to move it away from the Prince, and then the game shouldn’t slow down either..

Also, when you fall from a great height, but do not crash, you need to move the joystick in the direction where the Prince falls, and then he will roll on the ground and life will not decrease. And for those who have a computer, you just need to press a key (where does it fall).

So, the battles are described in the previous advice, so a little about something else. The best option for the weakest computers: Set all effects to a minimum, set the resolution lower and, I recently realized, set the Input Frequency to a minimum in the game options. Then the game will not slow down at all! Now about the battle with the last boss: So there are two options: 1 – First, we chop two of his incarnations, and on the third we turn on immobilization (that is, hold the block and press R) and chop it to smithereens. 2 – During all battles with him, we use the slowdown abilities.

For the last boss, slowing down time is not respecting yourself. Sand is wasted. And we wet it like this: jump (somersault over it) blow, blow, and so on until we soak. I personally went through it the first time without losing a single drop of health. !!!ATTENTION!!! NEVER ATTEMPT TO KILL HIM IN A HAND-TO-HAND FIGHT (without slowing down, of course) HE FIRES MUCH BETTER THAN A PRINCE AND WILL EASILY KILL HIM (and there’s no water).

The last boss fight is the easiest in the game. In order not to toil with jumping over it, you can simply hold the block and beat it after each repulsed blow – sometimes he manages to block, sometimes not. As an option, you can not block the blows, but dodge them (although more difficult, but more effective)

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