Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Council (a large number of terrorists on the map, respawn bots in the hunt for terrorists)

I decided to somehow diversify the game by making it a little harder. 🙂 The idea came to me after I played on the Len server (the lag was really “decent”, and there were some bugs in the game, but it was worth it)

To make the number of terrorists in the game much more than planned (valid only in the HUNTING TERRORIST mode), you need to do the following:
first, we follow this path (the path to the folder and the file in it may differ from this. Depends on where YOU installed this game) >>> Local drive D: \ Games \ Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 \ KellerGame \ Config \ …….. … – here you need to create one file with ini permission (for some reason it is not in the PC version of the game), but there are other ini files of the same type PlatformSpecificConfigX360.ini (for Xbox 360) and more 1 PlatformSpecificConfigPS3.ini file (for PlayStation 3). Do the following >>> take ANY file of this type (PlatformSpecificConfigPS3.ini or PlatformSpecificConfigX360.ini); copy it to the desktop; change the name (rename the file) to PlatformSpecificConfigPC.ini (put only two letters PC in it instead of X360 or PS3) and insert the renamed file
PlatformSpecificConfigPC.ini back to Config folder .
Open the PlatformSpecificConfigPC.ini file (by selecting edit or open) with notepad and replace only two lines in it (CHANGE ONLY NUMBERS)

; Max terrorist to spawn
MaxTerrorist = 6

; Max terrorist to spawn in TH
MaxTerroristTerroHunt = 6 (or 8)

– REPLACE the numbers in these two lines FOR ANY NUMBERS from 15 to 45 is desirable! (WARNING !!! NO LONGER RECOMMENDED !!!) more is not better 🙂

It should look like this:

; Max terrorist to spawn
MaxTerrorist = 15

; Max terrorist to spawn in TH
MaxTerroristTerroHunt = 15


Max terrorist to spawn – Terrorist CORPS Average
MaxTerrorist = 15 – number of corpses
Max terrorist to spawn in TH – Terrorist maximum corpses
MaxTerroristTerroHunt = 15 – where 15 is the number of these corpses
(until some corpses of bots disappear, other bots will not appear on the map)


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