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June 11, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Two Worlds: Tips and Tricks

If you want to run with a super powerful sword, then for this you need to buy, preferably, a good sword (for example, two-handed with 100-150 damage), and then buy the same swords from merchants in cities (while your sword glows green) and to establish them one-on-one, while the damage increases by 70-90. This can be continued indefinitely, although you need a lot of money. The same can be done with armor, shields, bows, quivers, rings, etc..

A small hint. If you want to get divine strength, endurance, etc. – then look at merchants for equipment (updated every day), which plus alchemy. After that, digest any potion that gives a permanent effect several times. Each time the effect of the potion will increase. BUT! After that, playing becomes uninteresting. Everybody dies from the first blow. Even if you have a dagger in your hand.

In order to be rich, you can use the potions bug. Save up potions or buy them (Life Potions). Then we just cook them (30 to 250 or 15 to 500)
and we get one large potion, which gives a lot of HP, so we go and sell it to any merchant from the guild of merchants and at a cost of 5000-10000 you get 50,000-100,000, so you won’t be bored.

Finish the game in 20 minutes.
Approach the black knight at the beginning of the game, go downstairs and bring the orcs and some invisible creatures behind you, then when you bring them to the black knight he will wet them, at this time you enter the village, some orc is running after you and the black knight too, and after the villagers see the orc and the black knight, they rush to the attack and quickly kill this black knight, then you will be given 80 experience points, the screen saver will go as the black one writhes and that’s it – the main menu will appear and you can play again.

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