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July 8, 2020
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

UFO / Aftershock: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

In this part, machine guns are unrealistic. But not just machine guns, but with a muzzle brake attached. This is a bug. In version 1.1 it works, in 1.2 it has not been tested yet.
The description of the muzzle brake says that it reduces the range, increasing the rate of fire. Nothing like this. The rate of fire remains the same, but the range increases by 20-25 percent, which leads to a significant increase in ACCURACY. The PKM with a muzzle brake, gyro stabilizer and thermal sight hits more accurately and further than the XM8 with the same set of upgrades, and the M-249 just strives to compete with snipers.
But assault rifles also benefit from diesel fuel – burst fire becomes the main mode of fire. The only thing on which I did not notice the benefits of diesel fuel – on snipers, but not on all…

The good thing is that the SR-25 is the only auto-firing sniper rifle. It is enough to attach a diesel fuel to it … well, you understand, 2 shots from this beauty take off before the “barrett” manages to rise, and this is 1200 damage with armor-piercing and more than 1500 explosive. If it’s a deadly joke in the head, vargots are carried out at once.

Many are very much afraid of Power Armored Vargoths. Not worth it. There is such a good thing as the reticulan blaster. You can find it almost at the very beginning of the game. We take any fighter with a good psi-strength skill (you can take psionics, but it is not recommended due to the weak weapon range – 25), pump him (her) melee skill up to level 2, hand in both hands with a blaster and voila! the storm of power suits is ready. One volley from both hands in the automatic firing mode (and this is 2 * 2 * 500 = 2000 health !!!) is enough to take out absolutely any enemy with a weak (less than 50%) psi-defense. And then you can even cut it with a knife, though it’s a long time.

If you have a geforce 4 MX400 or similar card and there are missing textures i.e. (white people), then call the console by adding the command “–options enable_system_console = TRUE” to the launch shortcut (together everything is separated by a space from options) and through the tilde (console) we type only_lightmaps

A good tactic is to squash all seven in a semicircle. One sniper and the grenade launcher of the rest can be armed with “AK” or “NK”. Move slowly the fastest can be sent for reconnaissance and lure the enemy to the main group. The sniper sniffs the rest at maximum distance as he approaches. If the soldiers are standing together, then you can kill one enemy with everyone or switch if someone is paralyzed. Withstood one, two attacks, healed and finish off the rest. This tactic works in open spaces, not in ships. Suitable even for untrained soldiers. Chief Prince of Fire Concentration.
In “zone 51” it is good to use a grenade launcher with incendiary rockets for firing at areas – all reticulans die and gives time for regrouping.

In this game, the knowledge level of the base can be increased to 8 using only 2 base cells. To do this, build a school and 2 colleges and then demolish the school and the base level becomes 8.

It is no secret that if you forcefully break into a sector where no one wants your help, relations with the race that own the region will fall below the floor. How to avoid it. Just before clicking on the “task” button, you need to save the game and if you don’t like the task, load it and select the “task” again. Oh, miracle! Local residents suddenly began to suffer from evil aliens and they need your help.

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