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January 24, 2020
1 minute

By Jonny Gamer

Ultimate Chicken Horse: Tip (Secrets)

I wanted to talk about the miracle of bugs. In general 

1 levitation in the tree house: we jump and in the jump press tab voila you levitate + everyone sees your levitation.

2 there is a button the developers are back in the tree house: we jump on it and voila the titles on which you can climb. By the way, you can press tab while jumping from the title and you will live high above the rest.

3 the hardest bug: we connect to any lobby, agree to put the creative mode, go to any map and when you chose what to put on the mouse and at the same time on R and voila, the object is installed and you select another object and repeat the actions. keep repeating the actions. if you decide to do a solo, then take the spiky ball and aim it at the enemy or at yourself if you want to die. -in the round in which you set the saws and the remaining moving objects may lose the ability to move, but then they will start moving later

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