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October 14, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Victoria 2: Advice (budget planning)

In Victoria 2, money plays a bigger role than in the first part, so it is very important to keep a positive balance in order to develop.
Here’s my thinking about budgeting.

1 where the income comes from.
A) Taxes
B) Factories (if any)
C) Gold (if any)

2. Debts
A) Unlike First Victoria, money is not deducted from the country’s income. That is, if you took out a loan in the amount of (for example) 100,000 balances, then you will not have money deducted from your budget. Therefore, if you do not have enough money for development, construction of something, you can safely take out a loan.
B) Where does the loan come from.
First, money is taken from national banks, then it is taken from other countries.
C) What happens if the country goes bankrupt.
Investors will change your economy (automatically) to pay off debts.

In most countries, from the beginning of the game, there is a decrease in income, thereby creating the problem of raising the income of the state.
What do we have to do
A) Increase funding for the Office. At the beginning of the game, officials make up about 0.3% on average, thereby losing a lot of money in the form of taxes
B) Explore technologies Free market (if not studied), as well as technologies to increase taxes and management.
When you study technology, incomes will skyrocket, so you don’t have to worry. 5-10 years you can go into debt.
C) Reduce government spending.
Here you need to act wisely. If you cannot build factories, then feel free to remove the Government spending slider to zero. If you are waging a war, then the slider should not be changed, because your troops will become unable to destroy even a thousandth enemy army. It is also not recommended remove the slider to the left if you are going to build factories.
What not to do
A) Raise taxes (above 50%) because. the population will leave your country in search of a better life
B) Reduce defense spending below 35-40% (optional)
C) Reduce education costs (optional)

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