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December 22, 2022
5 minutes

Detailed tips for 16 puzzles:

Do not read until you really do not want to learn how to solve each of the puzzles.

Puzzle 1 requires the builder to clean the well, and they will have a source of pure water. Take the islander with construction skills to the well.

Puzzle 2 This is the first of the 3 additional houses that can build the islanders when the population is growing, and they need new homes. As required, the hut can start one of the builders. Your population is limited to 7 people until a new house has been built. Then you can increase the population to 15. The second house allows you to increase the number of people up to 30 islanders, and the next – up to 90. Must be advanced builders to build new huts. At the beginning of the game, one of them can be appointed for construction. Make sure that in your village all the time there is at least one builder so that you can increase the number of houses for the growing tribe. If there are no builders, but you need to build something, the islanders can learn to the construction case, fixing one of the existing homes..

Puzzle 3 by taking, removing the remains from the beach. This will allow one of the islanders to start catching fish in the ocean, when you reach 3 levels in the collection technology. Show the islanders to clean on the beach.

Puzzle 4 – This is the founding of the school in the village. Drag the master-scientist to a long house from above from research desk.

Puzzle 5 – Remove stones blocking the water of the stream in the north-west village. For this islanders should reach level 2 in construction technology. Drag the islander on stones. As soon as these stones are cleaned, the water will get into a small downtime, where the islanders will be able to play and engage in other affairs. Solving this puzzle opens other three solutions.

Puzzle 6 depends on the decision of the 5th and reach level 3 in the collection technology. Master farmer, if you drag it to the dart, starts to hunt a strange fish. Through many attempts everything will work out, so be patient.

Puzzle 7 is the discovery of the cemetery, and requires 2 levels of spiritual technology. When one of the islanders dies, drag adult islander to the northeast angle of the island. The islanders will celebrate their discovery, and then begin to bury their normally. After the first funerals, they will also bury the rest of the dead tribes in the same way.

Puzzle 8 requires Masters-doors to mastered 4 plants growing on the island. One of them to the south of the shutters, the second – cactus in the north, the other two – in the east of the island. Drag the desired islander to all 4 plants until he delays them.

Puzzle 9 depends on the creation of shutters. Drag the islanders on the eastern field of the island (where there are dried flowers), and they will start watering the field with water from the shutters. If there are builders, they themselves will also wipe. Those who have no construction skills will water the field too, but will stop after the first attempt. As soon as the islanders are pulled by the right amount of water (and this is a lot of water), the field will revive again and bloom.

Puzzle 10 depends on puzzle butterflies 14. These butterflies will pollinate a special plant on the island. As soon as the butterflies follow the golden child (Golden Child), drag it or her to a strange plant north of the bush with berries.

Puzzle 11 is the restoration of the temple on the ruins. Having achieved 3 levels in construction technology, drag one of the islanders to the ruins, and they will start this recovery.

Puzzle 12 depends on the temple construction and 3 levels of spiritual technology. Drag one of the builders to the stone in the west of the village, and he will begin to drop it.

Puzzle 13 is the birth of a golden child and requires the completion of the construction of an idol, shutters and 3 levels of the birth rate. You need to drag mom with a child to a shock.

Puzzle 14 – Depends on the Golden Child. Transfer it to the Garden of Magic Flower.

Puzzle 15 is a hidden treasure. It can only detect the master builder. And the tribe should reach 3 levels in construction and science technologies. Dragging its builder in different locations of the lower part of the card, pay attention, did he notice anything. Approximate place – south from a tank with food and opposite the temple. As soon as he detects something, you need to be persistent to start working on it. If he starts digging, other builders, if any, will also start helping!

Puzzle 16 is moving a large stone, and it can only make a golden child. You do not need to make it do something (and he will not, if you try to force it). Just give him time, and he will do everything himself. After his birth, look for him for a while. It is very interesting to observe how it will solve this puzzle, especially if you have a lot of islanders.

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