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February 3, 2020
12 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Warhammer 40.000 / Dawn of War 2: Advice (Tactics)

Warhammer 40.000 / Dawn of War 2: Advice (Tactics)

Overview of all races
I hope everyone has already gone through the campaign, felt the beauty of playing on the same map fifteen times in a row, and developed their hero to level twenty. All? This means that we will no longer be distracted by this long training session. Yes, the campaign is just a tutorial before the essence of Dawn of War 2. Multiplayer is what we’ll talk about today. To begin with, we will analyze all the races, talk about their advantages and disadvantages, and in the next issues we will take a closer look at battle tactics.

Space Marine

If, before the multiplayer game, you actively played the campaign, forget everything that was there. That landing is completely different. The commander cannot have healing, powerful strike, banner and orbital bombardment at the same time. This is a synthesis of all the skills of all landing troops. And ordinary units are not that strong either. Tactical paratroopers, for example, don’t have any grenades. And they cannot make themselves indestructible warriors in a second. Let’s start, as the philosophy says, with Tabula Rasa. That is, from scratch.

Landing is the best race for a beginner. The Sons of the Emperor use 3-4 squads in battles. There is no need to be torn across the entire battlefield, to run dozens of soldiers. Each group has a total of three fighters. So the fights are pretty simple. And many tactics are elementary.

Troopers are the toughest race. Even if they have few soldiers in their detachment, each one – try to kill him! For example, a squad of assault paratroopers has the highest health of all tier 1 fighters. They are usually compared with the banshees of the Eldar. Watch your hands. Each of these units stumbles upon a less powerful opponent. Fights with him and wins. The paratroopers have lost half of their health, but all the soldiers in the unit are alive. Health will be restored for free and quickly. Banshees, even when they win, easily lose soldiers, because there are seven of them in the group. Lose half of your health – kill three soldiers. With their reduced composition, they cause barely noticeable harm, and they can completely die very quickly. It means that we urgently need to run to the base, buy soldiers (and these are costs) and wait. Troopers don’t have such problems…

The only drawback of this faction is that a lot of resources have to be spent for the position of the “strong men”. For example, a dreadnought for a landing party costs 90 energy, for an orcs – 70. The enemy gets all troops faster and spends less resources on their improvements. The disadvantages include the low mobility of this race. It is quite difficult for them to capture points, to catch up with the enemy. It is easier for a landing party to either simply defend or storm the fortifications, but to run around the field is not, let the tyranids do that…

Advice for beginners. If you have just started playing as a landing party, then the best scheme for buying troops is as follows. We take devastators with a heavy bolter, then we order assault paratroopers, and after them tactical ones. Next, you need to improve the main building and call the dreadnought.

The third level is useless for the landing. However, you will have to switch to it. After all, the most powerful soldiers – terminators – appear only for points of zeal and the presence of the main base of the third level. To kill these soldiers is a local feat. So try not to waste zeal on trifles, but rather recruit it. When will the terminators enter

In general, we have a rather strong, although in many ways inferior to others, race. I advise you to learn to play DoW2 on it. Then you can already move on to the rest of the factions.


The best way to overcome boredom is to find the orc in yourself, select the orc on the server and kill the paratrooper in the enemy. Before us is the most charming, the most cheerful and the most wonderful race. But this, we will assume, was a small preface..

Orcs count on brute strength like no other race. They do not have pampered soldiers who can deal heavy damage, but at the same time taking a hit is too rude for them. This is why greenskins do not respect ranged combat. From a distance, every paratrooper can fight, and real guys only wave a chopper in close combat.

When playing as Orcs, remember that they are the strongest race at the beginning. Their grunts easily defeat any other first unit. Therefore, immediately try to take the most important points and kill as many opponents as possible. If you, for example, immediately kill the guards of the Eldar, then the enemy will have no one to capture points. Nobody can arrange such meanness for you.

Do not call the shooters first – they are a very weak unit. Although they shoot, but the damage is cheap. By the way, their health is also very small. Only with a machine gun, they look pretty interesting. It only costs too much.

It is much better to immediately summon two groups of grunts, and after them – demolition. Their grenades perfectly destroy large gatherings of enemies and perfectly smoke the enemy out of buildings (especially useful when playing against a landing party, devastators are very fond of getting into a house and shelling the enemy for a long time).

If you are fighting one-on-one, then after upgrading the base to the second level, order noba for the brute. It will almost double the health of the squad. Orcs will get harder to kill.

If you are participating in a team brawl, then call the death dred. He will help to destroy the enemy’s defenses – he will kill the infantry and suppress machine guns.

Orcs’ third level is a controversial level. Nobs are very expensive and die pretty quickly. For example, they cannot cope with the terminators of the landing. The commando guys are also ambiguous. Of course, running undercover is great. But is it effective? Very rarely. The orcs lack something like that. Therefore, high-level one-on-one battles are rather sad for them. Three by three is much more fun. Orcs are just helping allies.


Eldars – cause the most powerful damage to the enemy. And also – they can overtake any enemy. Even the Tyranids run slower on all their eight limbs than the Eldar on two.

This race is difficult to master. Beginners can quickly get confused, because all Eldar soldiers die almost instantly. Even somehow unusual. Banshees are one of the strongest level 1 soldiers. They crumble any enemy into cabbage, but it is worth hitting them a little – one fighter died, the second, the third ….

However, if you nevertheless decided to play Eldar, then we will arrange a small educational program. Apart from the banshees and the avatar, all the other troops of the Eldar are long-range. And they cannot let the enemy come close to them. So, for example, the guards do the most damage of all the initial soldiers, but it is worth hitting them with an orc chopper – everything, as if there were never guards.

The same goes for spiders. But it is much more difficult to catch them, because teleportation works every 4-5 seconds. If you use it correctly, then the enemy will not have time to hit you. Important – teleport one second before the enemy was about to strike. This will move you as far away from him as possible, and therefore cause significant damage..

The Eldar have quite a few starting tactics. One of them is playing only with guards. You run around the enemy and fire at him. If necessary, turn on acceleration and move away from it. In such a tactic, it is necessary to buy grenades for the Eldar as soon as possible. So they won’t leave any chance for melee fighters at all..

In group battles, this tactic is ineffective. It’s much better to make an impenetrable machine gun defense. Immediately after the start of the battle, order a machine gun, then another and, if needed, another. Place them so that her shuriken cannon covers the other. Even if the enemy can reach one, he will die under the fire of the other two.

You can also focus on banshees. They deal well with weakly protected opponents. That is, it is better for them not to fall into the landing.

The third level is interesting for the Eldar. Firstly, it has an avatar. If anyone does not know – the most powerful monster in the game. If you want to kill him – think three times, but can you? He has a lot of health. The armor is very strong. The blow is very strong.

Secondly, the Eldar can build a distortion cannon that inflicts massive damage on everyone within the radius. Use alternative fire to completely deprive the enemy of infantry. Important – the distortion cannon shoots much further than it sees.

It is worth mentioning about the Eldar tanks. They, of course, do not at all look like tanks, but in fact they are. What’s bad about it? In general, a lot. For some reason, the developers disliked tanks, and now all these combat units are quickly dying from a couple of blows. So if you decide to buy a fiery prism – think deeply.

And, by the way, the most terrible enemy for the Eldar has been calculated – this is the tyranid. It is his many troops that bother him most. And so that we do not get lost in battle with them, we will talk about these completely disliked, large and small, brown and green – cockroaches.


Tyranids are a curious race. I remember Blizzard liked it so much that they completely rewrote it for StarCraft. The Zerg appeared there for a reason, they came straight from WH 40,000.

In DoW2, Tyranids are very different tactics from Zerg. It is rare to see an attack of hundreds of fighters here, and simply numerical superiority is not always about the tyranids. They, of course, have 10 soldiers in a squad, but the squads themselves are not much more numerous than the orcs. And at high levels you will find the usual groups of three soldiers…

The main feature of the Tyranids is the synapse. Small troops are controlled by large ones, becoming smarter, stronger, protected and skillful. Many people forget about this, and therefore they either play poorly for the Tyranids, or against them. Now we will analyze the main types of synapse..

The main supplier of the synapse is the hero. Unfortunately, not all three heroes can power up troops. The lictor, alas, was cheated. But two other heroes can make the army almost twice as powerful. The alpha ravener has four synapse auras. After upgrading the base to the second level, you can choose any. They strengthen, protect, increase regeneration.

However, the only hero who is initially endowed with an aura is the Tyrant. Together with him, the health reserve of the troops. Moreover, he may also buy himself an improvement, which will further increase the hits of the troops. Here, look at the numbers:

• Rippers + 472HP
• Hormagaunts + 420HP
• Thermagaunts + 360HP
• Warriors + 480HP
• Lictor without Vanguard + 100HP, with Vanguard + 140HP
• Zoanthrope + 100HP
• Raveners + 675HP

Inspires if it’s not true?

In addition to heroes, a squad of warriors has a synapse. And they have a lot depends on the type of improvements. Many players believe that the most interesting “upgrade” is the adrenal glands. With them, the warriors become devastating in close combat, and also make the haramgaunts very strong. Now these, at first glance, worthless fighters can jump on the enemy and inflict tremendous damage on him.

If we give the warriors a cannon on the second level, then the Hormagaunts will be able to knock the enemy down. The warriors took aim, and the little things asked the enemy, not even letting him get up. It is now much easier to suppress the enemy. Warriors shoot from afar and inflict heavy damage, and the harmagaunts do not allow you to approach them – they simply knock the enemy down and gnaw.

And finally, the last soldier who significantly strengthens the Tyranids is the zoanthrope. By itself, this unit is very weak in close combat. It is enough for the enemy to hit him only two or three times – health will drop to zero, and he will die. However, if you keep him a little away and covered with a shield, then he will become a strong argument in our army. Near the zoanthrope, soldiers regenerate much faster and their health reserve increases.

Do not forget that all starting troops cannot grow in levels. Instead, they improve with the development of the base. Take a look at the numbers:

Level 1

• Thermagaunts – 480HP
• Hormagaunts – 560HP
• Rippers – 630HP

Level 2

• Thermagaunts – 600HP
• Hormagaunts – 700HP
• Rippers – 787HP

Level 3

• Thermagaunts – 720HP
• Hormagaunts – 840HP
• Rippers – 960HP

So it’s better not to delay development. As you can see, on the third level, even small troops are very tenacious. Add many more buffs from big soldiers and you get cheap but very brute strength.

That’s all for today. This was an introductory article that covered all races. We’ll be moving on to tactics and squad separately shortly. And let’s start with the orcs. See you soon!

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