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April 14, 2020
18 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Warhammer 40.000 / Dawn of War – Dark Crusade: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

During the campaign for the Imerian Guard, playing against the Space Marines at their main base, you can not go to them at the base itself, but complete the mission in 15 minutes. To do this, you must first capture their Orbital Station Center (there will be such a task), then light up the area at their main base using the skill of the main building of the Imperial Guard, and then hit their main building from the Orbital Station Center with an orbital bombardment, when the building collapses. passed.

Hacking the game with the help of, namely, planetary influence points, artmani may not work, finds the numbers, but does not change them in the game. So you can take an alternative path: when you have enough money (it seems that at the very beginning of the game there should be enough), we select the garrison and break the number of units in it, but not the general, but a certain type, the number is fine and breaks down. After that we make the units to be 0, and put their maximum value in artmani and sell the 1st,
you should have a lot of money and more units than you can support, do not get upset, leave the garrison, go back and everything is in place, and you have a lot of influence.

To get a large army, and the limit is already running out, you need to build a grave spider and a lot of flayers. At the freshmen, we make the warriors to the maximum and kill them. Then we pick up a spider and resurrect them. It turns out 2 squads. It turns out that you can also continue, increase wars and resurrect. From one squad.
PS: if someone does not understand, then from one squad, which is increased in number, you can get 2 squads and again also increase. After all, for the added wars, the limit is not added.

The Necrons are a very powerful race. It is hardly possible to say that it is stronger than all others, but the ease of management and cheapness do their job..

Here is one of the tactics for playing the Necrons.

1. Select the workers, press the R key twice and, using the B + Shift + P key combination, order the construction of four plasma generators, located opposite to the likely direction of the enemy’s attack, at the maximum distance from the Monolith.

2. In parallel, in the Monolith (by selecting it, for example, in the 4th group with the key combination Ctrl + 4), we order 2 squads of workers (Key S), Lord Necrons (Key L), 2 squads of Necron Warriors (Key N) and more one detachment of workers.

3. The first workers that appear are sent to finish building the generators (not forgetting to replenish the detachment of up to 3 people (more precisely, beetles :)). We send the second squad of workers to capture nearby control points, capturing which, do not forget to build on each monolith (Key L).

3. As a newly created Lord, we go on reconnaissance of the nearby territories, before that we set a collection point for the Monolith on it. The main task is to find the enemy base, and, using teleportation, destroy workers and ordered buildings. When the health of this saboteur drops by a third, you can calmly teleport from the enemy base and go to your.

4. With the appeared detachments of warriors, which we replenish to the maximum number, together with the Lord, we create the 1st group (Control +1) and go into a frontal attack on the enemy. As a rule, few people withstand such an attack. If you are playing against a race with merged arrows, then teleport directly to them by the Lord in order to engage them in hand-to-hand combat (Z key)

5. On the base, when three generators are ready, we leave one squad of workers to build the fourth, and with the other we build the Calling Core (Key S). A detachment that captured points can be connected to work on it. The last squad of workers that appeared from the Monolith, we send to capture points at that end of the map, which is the most distant from the enemy. When they capture 2-3 points, we enter another Monolith there. In the future, we will use it to build troops and attacks from an unexpected direction for the enemy, build around generators and increase the limit of Gauss turrets. Or just as insurance in case your main Monolith is destroyed 🙂

6. While the first group is fighting the enemy (it may not be too intense, as long as he does not come to your base), at the base, when the Core is built, we pump the necron warriors, Monolith to three times the level and create a crypt with artifacts and 1 more -2 generators.

6a. At this stage, if the limit permits, you can create a spirit, pump it in a small core and send it to a sabotage sortie along the enemy’s rear – remove flags from points (do not capture, but simply remove) and cut the lost lonely infantrymen and workers. If he is attacked by a large detachment, then turn on invulnerability and sail off into the fog of war on the afterburner.

6b. The Necron Lord can be handed three artifacts (a choice of 8). The most valuable of these are Phylacteria, Orb of Resurrection, and Shroud of Darkness..

7. When the main building is pumped, we create two detachments of immortals and flaids there (when they are completed, they appear in the form of a landing. You can use them anyway, but it is better to bring them out to your base and replenish the detachment, put them back). build the Big Core (G key) and, when it is created, in the small Core once again pump the Necron warriors.

8. Having collected an army from the Lord, 3-4 units of Necron Warriors, 2 units of Immortals (which are better to take into the second group and lead behind the main army) and 2 units of Flayed, which sit in the Monolith, like a landing, you can go on the attack to the enemy base. As a rule, this battle takes place at the entrance to the enemy base and looks something like this: hand-to-hand fighters run to meet your soldiers, and behind them there are arrows and sluggishly shoot in your direction. Here you can make one tactical trick: we attack the rear of the enemy base with a saboteur spirit, and when his troops are distracted by the spirit, we carry out the main attack. By the lord, we draw the shooters into hand-to-hand combat by throwing 1 detachment of flayed to help him, and the second to the enemy barracks and destroy them (flayed do an excellent job with buildings and infantry). We destroy enemy hand-to-hand fighters with warriors. We return the corpses of the fallen soldiers to our mortal world with the “Rebirth Sphere” artifact and replenish the formed detachments. If the enemy has a vehicle, then the immortals will easily destroy it. With the same ease they will destroy enemy defensive turrets and other buildings. Then the matter is small: with the whole army we invade the enemy base and destroy first all buildings producing troops, and then the main building (If the condition for victory is the destruction of the main building, then we immediately carry out destructive work on it to save time 🙂 That’s it, victory.


1. During the battle, replenish the squads in time. Use the Tav key to switch between group units and R to order reinforcements. Withdraw the detachment, at which they are conducting concentrated fire a little back, and when they stop firing at it, return it back. Concentrate group fire on one enemy unit.

2. If you play with obviously stronger opponents, without the “King of the Hill” mode, then you can use tactics based on defense. Build up the base and the relic point with Gauss turrets and pump the main building to the Living Monolith. Then, together with this mega-construction and all the troops (also capture a couple of detachments of builders to repair the monolith), we go into a crushing attack, being confident of our victory.

3. If at the beginning of the game, when several enemy units can rush to your base (as a rule, orcs and chaos are at such a speed), and your own ones are walking far from it, then you should not panic to lead them home. Having selected all the workers, calmly, in the far corner, we erect a calling core (If it is still not there) and teleport our troops to the base in order to arrange a Grosskaput for the invaders. After this moment, you can arrange a counter-attack and pay them a “return visit”.

4. The tactics I have published is only the basis for building your own, and not a clear course of action. If someone comes up with interesting tactics or tactics for any of the races, please post them here on Stopgeym.

Maybe this is of course a glitch, but here’s:
For Necrons, if you build two or 3 monoliths in a battle and improve them to the maximum (one alive, two alive), then the Necron Lord will not have 2700 life, 4500 or 6700.

If you’re playing a Necron campaign, you can easily create an unlimited army. This advice is not only about the possession of the “sphere of resurrection” artifact, since the limit of troops when raising the dead in this case will still be taken into account. But, one way or another, you still need a “sphere”.
Well, let’s get down to business. To create such an army you need:
1. Capture several provinces, for which any infantry unit is given as a reward (except for Pariahs or, as they are called in the Russian version, “Les Miserables”, since it is impossible to resurrect them).
2. Buy these squads into the Necron Lord escort.
3. With the subsequent attack of any province, we see the trophy units we bought earlier. We develop, we “reinforce” these units (key R), when the artifact “sphere of resurrection” is available – we buy it.
4. We send our elite platoons, purchased for planetary requisition, to the enemy. We are waiting for more than half of the piece of iron in each platoon to die, then we return them to the base. The main thing is that at least one soldier in the squadron should “survive”. Reinforce them to the maximum again.
5. We go as the Lord to the place of battle, where unlucky necrons from our elite platoons are lying around and we give them a chance to serve C’tan thanks to the “sphere”. Raised necrons will form one or more platoons, which we also replenish with the R key.
You can repeat all this as much as you like. Note – the procedure does not fill the limit of your troops at all

Playing as the Necrons, you can create an endless army, although this will take a lot of time:
1) Improving the sphere of resurrection.
2) We bring all the foot soldiers to one point and kill them by pressing the DEL key.
3) Create new units and repeat the ritual.
4) We bring the hero to the place of mass execution and revive the dead.

These actions can be repeated indefinitely..

It is very easy to complete the game for the Eldar even on the Hard difficulty level.

The greatest power of the Eldar is the ability to move around the map in 3 seconds using a stargate. This ability is especially useful when playing against Necrons. In my opinion, all battles can be fought using 3 squads, 1 armored vehicle and a hero. Sometimes armored vehicles are not needed, but when you attack the capital / enemy hero, you need it. First you need to build 3 generators. While they are being built, recruit 1 sculptor (worker), 1 patrol squad, and the rest of the sculptors. When all the sculptors are built, then let them build the Temple of Souls (a place for upgrades). The Marines must, in the meantime, capture the Strategic Positions near the base. After the construction of the Temple of Souls, you need 1 Sculptor to start building the Eldar barracks, and the other three – the Techno portal.

After installing them, we place the towers in strategic positions. We are waiting for the towers to be built and Upgrade the growth of Influence. While one turret is upgrading influence, the other is upgrading itself, etc. until we have several good towers (it is better to suffer once on the map in a career, so as not to suffer later). Then we build the 2nd most powerful infantry – Warp Spiders. Build all 3 and then build the seer (commander). While all this is being built, we are sending our cannon fodder (sentinels), which can chop up a couple of their own kind in search of the enemy base. ATTENTION! MANDATORY it is necessary to make an upgrade in the temple of souls – Psi-Storm. Having 3 warp spider squads in each of 9 people and the Seer with Psi Storm can be attacked. Warp spiders can easily lay down infantry, heavy infantry, and armored vehicles while the seer uses a psi storm on enemy HQ. If you attack the capital of the enemy, then we do it differently. In the Temple of Souls, we will upgrade the art of war and the next improvement after it. We turn on the Techno portal and build a fiery prize with which NOTHING exactly ANYTHING is scary. We go to some point, which is located near the base of the protester, and clear EVERYTHING there. Then we bring 1 Sculptor and put the Stargate. Pieces 2 and upgrade – Displacement Matrix. Click on your home base and click on the Displacement Matrix. We transfer the screen to the stargate and transfer the building. Move buildings: Crossroads, Barracks, Technoportal and Temple of Souls. Now we build whatever we want or what we need and attack the enemy. With this technique, I beat everyone on Hard difficulty EASY!

A couple more tips.
1. I advise you to seize the territory of Cosmoport, Val, etc..
2. Conquer territories with good fighters as a gift. This, combined with Spaceport and the other wonders of the kronus, will give you an edge while playing. So, I conquered and conquered ordinary territories in a matter of minutes..
Before the battle, order all the fighters that are available and generators. Take soldiers and quickly comb the map, capture key positions and points along the way, find a base – destroy it. Because you attacked enemies, at the beginning they did not have time to create their fighters and defense systems yet. And you, in the case of replenishing the squad with fighters, can always do this, because you have 4 generators and captured points on the way to the base.

An initial strategy for all races that will help not only ignorant people, but also knowledgeable players.

Let’s start small. Strategy, by its meaning, implies intrigue, deception, betrayal, etc. As a rule, players try to get the largest army, and kill enemies in numbers, trample them down (but what kind of battle can we talk about when 4 races meet in full pumping?). I watched this. This is a massacre, not a battle. From my own experience, I can say that this is bad. Passing the company, at the beginning he faced a big rebuff and decided to pump up and demolish them with his might. Yes, it was not so.
P.S. the battle lasted 4 hours, about 15 mastodons were killed, a myriad of orcs – they were all over the map, and naturally I won (I played for the Space Marine). To prevent this from happening again, learn from mistakes, yours and others.

Getting the fight started right is a big advantage. As a rule, the enemy is the first to attack (if it is a bot), and you should prepare a counterattack.

Let’s walk through the races.


The most powerful race by default. Units are not alive, therefore they are immortal, it is problematic to defeat such a race. Led by the Necron Lord. Truly the strongest unit. But the strength of his exploits depends on which artifacts you give him. It is worth choosing the right artifacts, for example, during the cover of night, you can hide the entire army. Very effective. But you should not take flacteria with it, and almost all artifacts, but you should be on the safe side. See for yourself. Like spiders, the lord remains in his place at death, this is both a plus and a minus, when I play, I do not let go from the place of death. With the help of mines and several squads of shooters. You should not engage in hand-to-hand combat with the Lord. It’s just not profitable for resources. And if the urge to kill, then the most numerous detachment should be thrown into the attack on him, kills one by one, and this delays time. And if you play THEM, then it is worth teleporting to the shooters, and throw any other units at the hands, they are still stronger. When playing sharpened, well, these are the ones in the skins of their enemies. It is worth playing mobile, when a battle ensues to teleport them out of the monolith, killing the enemy and not seeing other candidates for death, it is worth teleporting them through the obelisk closer to the monolith, and into their monolith. When developing, you should leave room for the parri, the strongest unit acting on the enemy’s movement speed. The spirit, too, has nothing to do with its ability to remain unharmed, for a while it can still be repaired. Grave spider – you should not buy a small arms for him, because his strength is in a melee attack and, moreover, cannot be removed, and it reduces melee damage. Immortals are great long-range shooters, but don’t move around obelisks.


Basically – infantry shooting, and the mobility of paratroopers is their trump card. The commander is a strong hero, but too expensive in the beginning. But it is capable of repelling the first attacks if the infantrymen cover it. There will be wounds, but not significant ones, it is worth calling the copelan – it quickly restores HP to all surrounding units. Gray knights – or what are they? – very strong against infantry, they just destroy everything. Moreover, without morality. With a large concentration of enemies at one point, you should apply their lethal skill. Half of the enemy’s army in the next world. It is worth acquiring pharmacists, your soldiers will be more resilient. With all upgrades, the captain should be kept with the infantry – he enhances the morale and accuracy of the soldiers. Only when you build an orbital station is it worth deploying a full-scale attack. Dreadnoughts serve as a distraction of enemy fire, and the infantry destroys everything in its path. To restore morale, it is worth leading units into the ruts of the pit, and, of course, they will take less damage. When you start playing with tanks, when the tank starts to receive damage, you can send a builder with it – he will repair, and the tank will receive damage, cycle, and you can forget about him. And don’t forget about probes – they will help you find hidden enemies.


Chaos is chaos. Mostly melee units. This is their strength. Admirers are cannon fodder, but they are also scouts. When joining them, the Lord of Chaos is helped to remain whole. Berseks are the main hand-to-hand fighters, reckless and moralless. Chaos mage is a unit that can change the course of the game. After turning two units into monsters, calmly kill all enemies. Just be careful – the bloodthirsty dies when not fighting.


Strength in tanks. They can hide in buildings and shoot from there, move between buildings. 2 full-fledged melee units. The soldiers themselves are weak, but with the help of the commissars, they can bring the army to a hellish state, by shooting the weak. We put everyone in tanks and go.


The most long-range and fragile unit. Except the cool ones, and the healthy monster. Everyone wonders why Tao has no turrets !? And they have portable turrets in the form of a XV88 combat team. The cool are eating corpses. In general, range is their strong point..

Orcs, they are orcs – large numbers, but little use. Plus buildings shoot, plus they can hide in them, but they require a lot of space for building.

There is a little trick when playing for Tau, anyway, it rolled for me.
So, when you have already developed, you have a choice: Montka or Kruty? It is very easy to get BOTH buildings, you need to start building one of them, and immediately order the builder who is erecting this building, another building, and then calmly finish building both. Thus, you can get all Tau units..

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