Warhammer 40.000: Mechanicus: Tip (Save Editing)

For those who want to collect all the loot in one playthrough, but are worried that they will not have time to fully awaken the Necrons.

1. Go to the address: C: \ Users \ XXXXX \ AppData \ LocalLow \ BulwarkStudios \ Mechanicus \ Saves

2. Select the folder of the desired save

3. Open the Meta.sav file with notepad

4. We are looking for the line “overallNecronCountdown”: 0,

5. Change the value to the desired one

AHTUNG: Practice has shown that it is better not to indulge too much and not move the values ​​too radically, otherwise a number of missions will become inaccessible. It is best to use the method only at the end of the game, each time shifting the value by 10-15 points.

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