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February 21, 2020
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny: Tips & Tactics

Secret screen:
1) Secret Screen: Enter the Change View screen. Press I and D simultaneously and then Escape.
2) A good warrior will do everything to survive. When you are badly injured (health less than 10%), you can restore strength by drinking from pools of blood. Torture rooms, prison areas are the best places to find them.

3) The Nazis don’t like going through a crowded dungeon. There is often a hidden door near the room where the key is located. This hidden door can be a safer (and shorter) route than the one you traveled to reach the key..

4) By pressing the letters M L I at the same time, you will receive both keys, 99 ammunition, 100% health and all weapons.
However, understand that MLI also adds 10 minutes to your playing time and reduces your score to zero. You can never get the highest score using MLI. And getting a high result is one of the main goals of the game..

5) Never stand in a doorway when you are busy shooting. Your peripheral vision is small and your focus is on your goal. The guards who stand near the doorway will shoot until you can see them.

6) Also, the best way to enter a doorway is to open the door and wait. Look left to right while the door remains open to identify possible enemies within a room..

7) Many of your opponents, especially dogs and officers, are stationed in a special area for the sole purpose of wasting your ammo. These fast-paced opponents will run from left to right in the hopes that you will shoot and miss. Do not shoot until you are close enough to shoot them down with relative efficiency. Shoot quickly while they pause to attack you.

8) Don’t think the elevator is a refuge. Often you will be surprised to find officers or Nazis there! In more difficult levels (Episodes 4-6), many guards can be in the large cargo elevators.

9) If you are low on ammo, you should use an assault rifle instead of a machine gun. Get used to quickly switching weapons. A room full of brown guards can be easily cleared with a submachine gun, but a room full of Secret Service requires more firepower.

10) If you are near several sources of health (food or first aid kits) during the fight, move towards them and try to attract the guards to you! Stay in the corner of the health source and move slowly as the fight progresses.

11) Using keyboard and mouse together is a must for advanced gaming. The mouse is a more precise movement tool than the keyboard. Use the UP ARROW and RIGHT SHIFT to run like lightning through long corridors.

12) If you find a secret room, don’t worry about finding enemies in it. Guards are never pre-posted in secret areas.

13) Although you can complete each episode in nine levels, each episode contains ten floors. The tenth floor can be reached via a secret elevator that is hidden within another level. The secret floor is always more difficult than the previous levels. However, it is usually filled with gigantic amounts of treasure. (or a GIANT number of enemies, so it’s better to go there with a full clip, 100% health)

14) Your enemies do not know how to aim accurately. Guards must constantly adapt in an attempt to anticipate your actions. A moving target is always more difficult to hit, and guards are less likely to sneak behind you if you always move. In other words: don’t stand for more than a second..

15) Don’t waste your bullets on dogs until they’re close. It is easier to kill dogs if you stand in the doorway and wait for them.

16) Don’t underestimate the ability of officers. In close combat in an enclosed space, these guys will make your life both miserable and short..

17) Playing at the maximum difficulty level, you cannot stand still: you must constantly run, shoot, or dodge. Otherwise, the very first bullet of the enemy may be fatal. Especially if they shoot point blank.

18) In the battle with the “bosses” of episodes, you must definitely find a place where you can (if anything) run away, take a first-aid kit, replenish the stock of cartridges – and again into battle! Usually the leaders cannot be killed with 99 rounds – you need a little, a little more.

19) (my personal experience) In the first episode, the boss can be killed…. With ONE stab !!!! I don’t know how it happened (since it happened a long time ago), but I’ll tell you anyway:
When I ran out of ammo and there was nowhere to take them, I took the knife and tried to stab the boss (although I had no hope of winning). But from the first blow to the abdomen (belt buckle), he fell!!!!!
You can try it at your leisure.

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