WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship: Tip (Hack Cheat ‘O Matic)

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December 4, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship: Tip (Hack Cheat ‘O Matic)

Hacking time

It breaks down quite corny with an 18-year-old program.

Start a race, pause, watch the elapsed time.

For example, 00’01’46 “. Run the program, select the WRC5 process. Enter a prime number 146 (without spaces, quotes or apostrophes). Press Search. Then continue the game, pause again and look at the elapsed time. Now its value has changed. upwards. For example, 00’02’78 “. In the program window, enter a new value, in this case – just 278. Press Search again … As a result, after three or four times the program finds the changing value.

Now enter the desired time, for example, you need it to be the whole stage equal to 00’01’23 “. Enter 123 in the program window, then (IMPORTANT!) Put the mouse in the box on the right – Lock, and then press the Set button.

Voila! The time until the end of the stage will be 00’01’23 “. And, unlike the usual slow ride on the Easy difficulty level, when (if you hesitate along the way) you can easily find yourself in 3rd, 6th or last place in the table of results , here you will always be the first.

BUT! After moving to the next stage, the program resets the found result, and you will need to press New Search, and start the search in the same way from the beginning.. 

This algorithm is valid for those who like to gaze at the beauty of the rally levels, or for those who want to study the stage more closely without rushing headlong. I have not tested it at higher difficulty levels, but I suspect that it will work there too.

I drove quite impressively several stages of Portugal, just before the finish I left for a smoke break, came back, reached the end, and was still the first;).

So dare who needs!

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