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August 31, 2020
1 minute

By Jonny Gamer

X2 The Threat: Tips (Getting Money)

380,000 credits:
In mission 2, before reporting on mission completion,
sell all shields and weapons from the ship you flew.

Get money:
You need to activate the script editor built into the game.
To do this, in space, press the keys in turn: Thereshallbewings
(the first letter is capitalized (with [Shift] -th)). If everything is pressed correctly,
you hear a beep. Then in the command console of any of your
ship, an additional item Script editor will appear. We go into it.
Select the Script Editor item, click New Script, enter the name of the script
(for example, Money), then move to the New line Line. press [Enter].
The script editor command menu appears. Select Trade commands, then
click on the line Add money to player: ,
select the item, enter the required amount (for example, 100,000,000).
Press [Enter], then [Esc]. The question “Do you want to save the Money script?”,
Click Yes. Then we hover the pointer over our brand new script and press [R]
for the game to fulfill it. And voila! Added 100,000,000 to your account.
This script can be executed any number of times..

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