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June 26, 2020
25 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Xenus / Boiling Point: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

Healing, medicinal Indian tea is not addictive.

The easiest way to improve relations with civilians is by making a donation to charity at the bank..

It is great to drive on the Comet on asphalt roads, but to drive through the jungle on it is sheer torment.

Don Pedro does not belong to any of the warring factions.

You can buy cartridges from soldiers of a friendly faction. The better the relationship with this faction, the cheaper the purchase will be.

Indian shamans buy rats, parrots, fish, snake skins and jaguar claws for much more than everyone else..

You can accidentally ruin an upgrade by trying to upgrade your weapon yourself. Contact the professionals!

If you fly a helicopter so low that your radar does not work, then other helicopters and Strela air defense installations also do not see you on their radars.

You can sell gold figurines, Indian gods, emeralds and more from a collector who lives next to the architect Burunduchapo in Puerto Sombra.

The buying and selling prices of various items depend on your trading skill and your relationship with the faction the seller belongs to..

Pies, coconuts, bananas and other simple “peasant food” restores hits, and does not affect the “drug addiction”.

The attitude of the faction towards you affects the price of buying / selling weapons, uniforms and upgrades from merchants.

Having badly annoyed one of the factions, you can easily find yourself in an ambush, which they arrange much more often on country roads than on highways with heavy traffic.

A helicopter, like a car, can be refueled and repaired at a gas station.

With a significant amount of patience and ammunition, the helicopter can be shot down from any weapon. The easiest way to do this is using armor-piercing cartridges. In combat helicopters, worrying about bullets from hand weapons is not worth it, but grenades are a completely different matter, so don’t fly too low.

The more you move on foot and the more weight you carry, the faster the parameters of strength and constitution grow.

If you want to serve for the benefit of a provincial town, you can safely hunt rats. In addition, their carcasses can be collected and sold.

Weapon dealers in cities have the best prices.

If you don’t want to waste fuel when driving, then hold down the engine shutdown (Z) and step on the gas. Fuel is not consumed, but headlights do not burn like that.

– Coconuts from palm trees can be knocked down and picked.
– Jaguars cannot climb onto the car / stone / tree, I think the tactics are clear.
– Xenus’ Necklace can be taken a bunch of times. It costs 10-11k.
– In the mission to rescue the director of Expirience Entertainment, there is a tank and a Rasp in the yard. You can drive the rasp away to the merchant and get 1500 for it. Then come back, steal another one and sell it again. Such is the bonus mission for 1500 pessos.
– Don’t miss the instructions on how to control the ship and the tank – the first is on the table of the murdered editor, the second is next to the murdered director of Expirience Entertainment!
– How to get a wheelbarrow and not spoil the relationship with the faction – we shoot at the car, the driver gets out, get into the car and quickly leave. The main thing is not to run over the driver, then the attitude will fall.
-Silent, armor-piercing and PSTT cartridges cost 1 pesso each. Therefore, you can exchange the usual for any and not spend money (except for SVD).
Bug: if you choose another weapon after firing an RPG, then the RPG will not be spent.

Do not rush to buy SVD – it is expensive, but you will be given it in one of the early story missions. Buy Better Steyr Aug.

It is cheaper to improve relations with civilians – give a few boys 2 pesos each, give a poor old lady 5-10 pesos, and not spend 1000 pesos on charity.

– Trading can be downloaded very quickly. Collect at least 1000 cartridges, go to the seller and start selling / buying these cartridges. Because they cost 1p. both for buying and selling, then you will not spend anything, but trade will grow by leaps and bounds.
– After completing the story mission with Aztec, talk to his brother – he sells / buys at fabulous prices. Attention! After leaving the zone, they will fly away to warm lands, so trade immediately.

With a relationship with a civilian population of +100 and a trading skill of 100 in a bazaar (outside the city), grannies sell grenades for 16-15 pesos, and buy for 48-50.
Conclusion: we stock up on grenades to the eyeballs and start selling / buying them from one of the grannies. We have an unlimited cash supply.
Similarly, a seller in a gas station store sells beer for 1 pesos and buys for 14. Or a fruit dealer in cities buys wine for 8-10 pesos and sells for 2.

As with RPGs, so with “Iglaia”, if you switch the weapon after a shot, the charge is not consumed.

You can easily make money buying and selling snakes (of which there are many in the jungle) from hucksters at gas stations. Because selling you get 3 coins (for 1 snake), and buying, you spend only 2. With 150 – 200 snakes in your inventory, 1000 coins are collected in 1 minute.

For those who, well, can’t blow up the generators in the final, but really want to finish the game, because they are tired of toil.
You can run into the first generator compartment, blow up a couple of generators and quickly return to the ammunition depot.
And from there, slowly, after typing a dozen RPGs, leave the building and climb slowly up the hill surrounding the generator.
Well, it’s really quite simple there: you shoot at the rock, in those places where there are generators … Woo-a la! Without treatment and hassle, watch the final video.
To be honest, there is nothing like that.

There is a glitch in the game. When you drive a car, press and hold to turn off the engine (by default “Z”) and gas, the engine does not work and the gasoline does not run out, but the car goes.

You can return to the found upgrades after completing the submission (they reappear), so remember the places!
They are also bought by merchants. But it is better to “spoil” them with your own hands, then skill grows. Assembled – disassembled…

Almost all of the selected Kalashnikov assault rifles are loaded with armor-piercing cartridges, so when selling the barrel to the captors, we buy 1 regular cartridge from them, reload the assault rifle and sell it. It’s boring, but we get 30 armor-piercing cartridges or +29 pesos from one barrel, and there are a lot of them…

There is a small village near the abandoned mine where Rodriguez is hiding. In it, near the entrance to the houses, old women stand and sell emeralds. In the city, they can be sold to a collector twice as expensive. I bought for 3000 and sold for 5000. True, one of the grannies does not sell emeralds, but glass from bottles.

When trading is boosted to the level of scammers (100%) and at + 100% relations with narcotics, their doctor Death buys syringe No. 1 for 20 pesos and sells you right there for 2. There are a lot of these syringes, but they weigh a little, collect them! (I have 1,000,000 pesos!) Syringe # 2, at 100% civilian relations, is best bought by the stalls in town. Relationship with officials for 10,000 pesos can be improved at the Black Jaguar Bar.
I corrected the relationship with civilians -100 to + 100 with the help of an old beggar in the city of partisans.

There is not much money at the beginning of the game and you don’t really want to spend it on spare wheels.
The spare tire can be taken from any stationary car. The door will be closed, but there is access to the trunk. Just go to the wheelbarrow, press F2, and take the spare wheel. Better get more wheels and put them in your car.

You don’t have to buy them to collect cartridges and barrels.
If the relationship with the military, drug addicts and bandits is normal, then we just stop near the shootout on the road, wait until they kill each other and collect goods … you can earn 200-300 mana at a time on cartridges alone.
This method is especially good for beginners with a neutral track record..

There is a pretty easy way to make money.
We go to the nearest river, take out our knife and, in addition, armed with the addhealth 99 code, we go to wet the piranhas, then after typing the fish that way 100-200 we go to the nearest gas station and sell this good to the owner, then we buy, then we sell again, and so on until our hands get tired of tugging ) This is all because these “hucksters” buy fish at 6 piastro, and sell at 1mu. Draw conclusions…
They also sell any gifts of nature for 1 piastro, and buy in three roads…

If it is difficult to carry out missions where you need to climb into a military base, then we make it easier – by car we break through the fence, perform a sub mission and die, then take a taxi to the person who gave the mission and the mission is completed.

From any weapon, you can shake out the cartridge clip, for this:
1) You need to have cartridges of the same caliber, but of a different type (for example, armor-piercing)
2) Pick up the barrel from the killed you, press change the type of ammunition and immediately get the mobile.
Bottom line: there are cartridges in the pocket, there is a void in the barrel, and since there are more than one thousand surplus cartridges, we sell and enrich ourselves

Xenus’ necklace can be taken an infinite number of times, it is bought for 11.000. New SVDs near Blanco, in the abandoned house of Aztecs and in the main city on the sniper’s bed on the tower (but a helicopter is needed). They are best sold right there, in the main city..
In each market, 5 free stocks.
By donating 1000 pesos, you add + 9% in relation to the peacekeeper.
Everyone knows that in the downed helicopters there are new Colts. And who ever shmonal planes ?! And there are MSS!!!

Anyone who loves to earn money can easily earn 1000 pessos…
To do this, we bring down the barons or partisans or officials….
We take the armor jacket from them, as a rule, it has 20-35 armor, it’s not a problem to open the console, write addarmor 100 and we have a new armor jacket, which is bought not for pennies but for decent money (depending on the trade skill and the relationship of the faction you sell).

During the game, you are given a generally stupid thing – the M-79 grenade launcher. But with it, you can mow any base without raising an alarm. To do this, we buy armor-piercing grenades (necessarily BB! They explode when hit) and calmly, slowly, one by one, we mow out all.

If at the beginning you managed to get at least one grenade, but they are not in the store yet, then you need to sell one to the seller and after one shelter in the hotel – in the morning they are already waiting in full range. Also when you need to stock up on more ammo.

There is an interesting bug in the game. He helps current with traders at bases and small bazaars (maybe where else? I don’t know) So, you go to the seller and ask him to show what he has. At the top of the screen it appears that you have, and at the bottom that the seller. Then hold down the left mouse button, what you want to take (do not release the left mouse button), press “I”, hold the item with the left mouse button further, press “I” again and drag the item / s. In this case, objects can increase by two, or even three times. For example, I dragged myself 1,500 rounds, and then it turned out that there are already 3,000 of them. But the cool thing is, you can sell all the items you drag. So for 3000 rounds you can get 3000 pesos.

How you can make money: so, at the bazaar, we buy grenades from our grandmother, then go to the lake or river by car, throw a grenade into the river, go into the river, collect piranhas, get out of the water, put the catch in the car, and collect in this way piranhas 500, we go to the huckster, we take the catch, but there are too many fish and you cannot move. Therefore, we throw the fish out of the inventory, come a little closer, select the fish and, thus, we reach the huckster. We buy and sell many times, and we no longer face such a term as financial hardship in the game. For example, after that I had both the Rasp and the helicopter and the Comet and the SVD limousine and Shtair completely pumped over, and the trade was pumped to the maximum due to the purchase and sale.

Dr. Comandante Raul (to the bottom, then to the left) treats pill addiction. First, you need to patch up the wounds for free, and then a line will appear in the dialogue about getting rid of dependence on medicines. Costs 200 pesos.
You don’t need to go to the Aztec with something of value in the trunk – the car will be given to you with one spare wheel.

Pill addiction is treated by a doctor at the base of Comandante Raul (drive from the first city to the south to the end, then to the west). First you need to patch up the wounds (for nothing!), Then a line about drug addiction will appear in the dialogue. Costs 200 pesos.
You don’t have to go to the Aztec with something valuable in the trunk – after the mission, the car will be given to you with one spare wheel.

We go to any merchant, entering the trade mode, select the product of interest to us (with the left mouse button) and press i (do not release the left mouse button), then press i again and transfer it to us. then talk to the merchant and then look at the inventory. you got what you wanted without paying!

A way of getting things at the very beginning of the game. We get by car to the place of the battle of bandit groups as close to the city as possible. We “park” the transport wisely – not too close (they can blow up) and not too far (to drag things for a long time) – and calmly wait for the victory of one of the clans. Then we collect the things scattered across the battlefield and load them into the trunk. Everything, you can carry sell.

1. If you do not want to spend money at the beginning of the game, then in the first mission from the editor, select the option F3 – “Where is my cattle daughter?”, And then always F1, then the editor will not ask for 1 peso.

2. Want a lot of money? Collect 150+ Pomegranate Pieces! Work for the bandits and cops in Puerto Sombra! When you have 15,000+ pesos, then go to the bank and spend everything on charity until the relationship with peaceful people is +100. Go to any bazaar outside the city to see your grandmother. There they sell grains for a lot less than they buy. Well, sell and buy grains. So the loot turns out and the trade grows.

3. Want to fly COBRA? Learn to drive an airplane and a helicopter, find the Narco airport, where Leoncio is in charge. Work 2-3 missions and then there will be a mission with COBRA. Take a cobra and fly as much as you want. Mission can be omitted.

There is one glitch in the game – when you come to the relic merchant who lives near the architect Burunduchalo. You need to talk to him, open the inventory of sale and purchase and take the most expensive item from him with the left mouse button. Without letting go, we take out the inventory field. We press the key without releasing the object, open our inventory and put it there. Then we talk to him again, open the inventory of purchase and sale and sell this item for a high price. Conclusion – we take the item for free from the merchant, and sell it to him for money. This can be done many times and get money and increase the ability to “trade”.
p.s. This method works with any vendor. And he cannot not work!

Return to the Aztec Home that you helped protect. There is money in the cellar, next to the radio station: 1000-1500 pesos.

So I completely solved the merchant bug.

We go to any trader, having entered the trading mode, select the product of interest (with the left mouse button) and press “i” (do not release the left mouse button), then press “i” again and transfer it to ourselves. Look in your inventory – you got what you wanted for free. And now the addition! We move the sight away from the seller, so that he does not point anywhere and press Enter. A characteristic sound will be heard, as when picking up items. We look into the inventory: the number of items taken from the seller has doubled! You can exit the inventory by pressing Esc and press Enter as many times as you like. The weight limit is not taken into account..

You can carry an unlimited amount of inventory with you – for example, the weight of your backpack is 90 kg out of 90 available (packed to the brim). Open your inventory and throw away anything heavy. Then buy what you want. Aim at the box with what you dropped and press F12. Open your inventory – your backpack weighs 91kg out of 90 (or even more). And if you’re searching a corpse, it’s even easier – just aim at the dead man and press F12.

When you learn to fly an airplane, crash it (lift it into the air and dive down, and get out a few seconds before the explosion) and pull out the pistol for fifteen hundred. Run back to the teacher – it costs 1000 pesos to try again. So you got that pistol for only 1000 pesos and a minor shell shock.

In Puerto Sombra, in the river between the hospital and the bandit camp, there is a bug – if you dive into the water and swim to the bridge and further, between sections of water, with and without fish, there will be a place where you can walk along the bottom, breathe and shoot from the bottom for fish.

If you have run out of cartridges for any weapon, select it, press the left mouse button and, without releasing, turn the wheel – then it will shoot.

There is a proven way to make money without stress. In Puerto Sombra, go to the bus stop, then go to the booth and engage in conversation. There you will understand right away: there is money, there is a (bad) car.
Advice for those who did not go to Don Pedro: do not buy anything from the architect after chatting, turn left and go to the next room, there is (in the center) a model of don Pedro’s villa.
Kill bandits, they improve relations with many in the game.

In the starting city (like Pueblo Faro) there is an unfinished tower. As we land at the stop at the beginning of the game, it is behind. You can’t climb it on foot, but you can sit on a turntable. So there is a lounger on which a new SVD, a bottle of Vodka and PIE!

At the very end, it is very difficult to complete the mission, i.e. blow up containers. It’s easier to do this: stock up on THT, also buy pies (in Poeto-Sombra, the seller sells dozens of them), then be sure to buy “Coca Sniff” (this increases the speed, which is very convenient), and, of course, an automatic machine. So, then we assign hot keys for pies and cocaine, so that it is easy to use them, then we run from each department (without paying much attention to the enemy). Attention: you need to take pies prematurely, so as not to die if injured, and take cocaine at least 3 at a time. If you do not know where to get it in large quantities, advice to you, go at night to Poeto-Sombra to the bridge, there is a drug addict, he sells 120 pieces at a time, and not 20 like everyone else in the same city.

At the very beginning, in order to get rich without completing any mission, we go to the dealer in ancient relics, open the bargaining, select the desired item with the left mouse button (you don’t need to release it), press Esc, open your inventory and put it in the cell, close the inventory and press Enter to double the amount of the item, and we sell this item in the nth quantity. This shenanigans can be carried out with any merchants. So that you can carry over a ton of cargo, ch. hero, we do all the same, only with the cartridges so that they go to the minus. The higher the number after the minus, the more ch. the hero can carry over his shoulders, i.e. minus is not only the number of cartridges, but also the weight of the backpack. After that, you cannot search the corpses, otherwise all the “glucan” cartridges will disappear, and the hero will move slowly due to overload.

How to earn:

1 – Work for representatives of all sorts of factions (For example, we go to the head of the police station, ask him about the work). First, the representative will offer you the easiest, cheapest tasks (quests), then the tasks will be more dangerous and more expensive. By the way, after completing the task from some employers, you can get additional money (for example, you returned to the police station
a picture stolen by bandits. The policeman seems to be hinting to us: “Thank God, you returned the painting, BUT I AM THE ARCHITECT I HAVE BEEN FASTED.” The highlighted phrase tells us to go to an architect. We go to him and get an additional amount).

2 – Work as a driver. There is a bus service representative near the largest locations in Colombia. We approach it, take a flight and go. Cheap, really.

3 – Drive on the roads more often. There are places of skirmishes. We are waiting for the end of the shootout. We collect equipment from corpses.

4 – Hunt animals. We run around the map and shoot animals. They killed a rat, threw it into a backpack. They killed the parrot, threw it. You can also sell fish. Fish ponds are more common in the jungle. In the forest you can
meet jaguars. If you’re lucky, you can take a claw from a corpse. The most expensive animals: piranha, jaguar, parrot. And to whom to sell? All this is bought by fruit sellers in cities, grandmothers in bazaars, Indian merchants.

5 – Collect coconuts. There are palms in the jungle, they have coconuts on them. We shoot at the most extreme coconut, the rest crumble behind. We go to a fruit seller or grandma and sell.

6 – For those who do not know where to sell jewelry: the jewelry seller is located in Puerto Sombra, in the house where the architect sits.

How to make peace with the group:

With the officials: Kill bandits, drug mafia, partisans. In the bar “Black Jaguar” sits a representative of the army. We drink with him and ask him to make up for money.

With the drug mafia: Kill the officials, partisans. Representatives of the drug mafia are sitting in both bars in both cities: Hector and Pablo. Money can do anything.

With partisans: Kill officials, drug mafia, bandits. Fidel is sitting in the Black Jaguar bar. You can negotiate with him.

With the bandits: Kill the officials, partisans. Honestly, I don’t know how to negotiate for money.

WITH THE CIA: Kill the drug mafia (maybe also partisans). There is an arch in front of the agent in Puerto Sombra. Somewhere under the bridge is a representative. We drive the ruble – and everything is in openwork.

With the Indians: North of Puerto Sombra there is an Indian cave. He gives us a task, and we put up with the Indians. On the map, you can find small villages of the Indians (to find them, I recommend a helicopter). We carry out tasks (scare off parrots, drive out snakes and something else).

With civilians: There are many ways. The easiest one is to go to the bank in P-S and make a donation. You can give the kid a change, you can treat the guy with a cigarette, you can give the grandmother, you can transfer it across the road, there is a love triangle in P-F (two men love a girl at once). If you need money, we help one of them (the one in the hat will throw you a thousand). If you need to put up with civilians, we help the woman. You can send the kid to the army, you can return the car to the crybaby in the P-F bar. In general, there are many ways, if you walk on the map, you will find more.

Hints and Easter eggs:

1 – Grandmothers sell jam in bazaars. We transfer it to the weapon slot. It can be thrown near opponents and mosquitoes will gnaw them. At the same time, they will not shoot at you (they will not understand what happened, they will only raise the alarm).

2 – In the prison, there is a garage behind the main building. And there is a cool car in it. Guess whose? That’s right, the warden.

3 – If you buy cocaine and sniff 3-4 doses, you will run much faster.

4 – If you climb in the jungle (in the sector near the prison parallel to the road there is a dirt road), there, near the dirt road, a grandma sits. If you help her, she will give you an “incomprehensible pipe”. This pipe is a grenade launcher.

5 – A megaphone can be found in the corpses of civilians. We transfer it to the weapon slot. When a helicopter is flying over you, you can frighten it off. Our character will also make all sorts of heart-rending sounds.

6 – When you hit the enemy in the head or kill animals, the character will swear or hum bloodthirsty songs.

Helpful hints:

1 – The helicopter can be repaired and refueled at any gas station.

2 – If you have a lot of money and you want to sneak into the enemy’s camp unnoticed, choose an isolated enemy, run up to him, and instead of tricking him, bribe (F2). The bribery will be 500 pesos. If the rest of you are exposed, the bribe taker will also open fire..

3 – Do not try to buy a house from an architect, he will just take the money, give the project, but nothing can be done with him, this is such a joke of the developers.

4 – The most working and useful medicine is a decoction of the Indians, it can be bought from the Indians not for skins, but for bills. It is not addictive.

5 – The best body armor is heavy (black). It differs from the others in that it deteriorates more slowly. If you are storming the base, wear it..

6 – Helicopters have heat traps. If there is a rocket flying at you, fire off those sparkling beacons and the rocket will most likely go by. But! The rocket launcher is a fool, but the machine gun is great. If the enemy uses a machine gun, try to take a height much higher than the enemy. The machine gun is not perfect, will not shoot through itself.

7 – If in air transport you occupy an altitude at which only interference is visible on the radar, you do not see anyone, no one can see you either.

8 – Don Pedro and his security are not any group, whatever the drug lords say.

9 – The better your relationship with the group and the ability to bargain, the cheaper this or that merchant will sell the goods.

10 – If you want to upgrade the hero to be able to carry more in a backpack, load yourself more and walk on foot.

11 – If you want to increase the maximum level of health, complete paragraph 10 and eat more fruits.

12 – If you want to increase your technical skills, buy upgrades in the store (suitcases). Use orange at first. Improvements are made in the dedicated menu (U). If you have no experience and desire to learn, you can use the service of trained people.

13 – Sniffing 3-4 doses of coca, the character will move faster.

14 – Swim more carefully in ponds, there are many piranhas, you can easily be eaten.

15 – You can shoot from a machine gun on a rasp, for this sit in the car and change the camera view (F9).

16 – The more often you sell stolen cars to the dealer, the cheaper he will buy them until the price goes down to pennies.

17 – You can hide from the helicopter indoors. The helicopter will circle and fly to the base.

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