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July 16, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Xenus: Boiling Point: Secret (about the Xenus stone)

Yesterday (or rather today) I discovered a super secret (you can even call it a cheat) !!! Surely many, having collected all the parts of Xenus, were disappointed in the reward … But I revealed the secret!
Now on business: having collected all the pieces of the Xenus stone, we go to the antique dealer. He, translating the inscription on the stone, will send us to the cave (where the cherished necklace lies). Arriving at the place, we go into the cave (but always from the side of the waterfall !!!). Having pressed the secret button, we go inside. We run along the corridor until we reach an underground lake. At the bottom of the lake there will be a pillar with a necklace on it. Taking the necklace, we leave the cave (be sure: do not return along the old path, but go along the new one !!!) So, we left the cave. The secret is that the necklace can be taken an infinite number of times. You just need to run in circles (as I described above … yes, just like that, and not in another way !!!). Considering that one necklace costs about 10,000, you will get rich and can buy a limousine, a comet, the best weapons and much more….
Good luck searching!

P.S. this secret works 100%. If someone doesn’t succeed, I can upload a video of how I found this secret…

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