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October 30, 2020
20 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Zanzarah / The Hidden Portal: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

Collect as many power restorers as possible, and the scarecrow near the cottage will restore your mana (after you have killed all the fairies who terrorize it).

In Endev (Village of Elves) there is a building like this, with a canopy (this canopy and the building together with it are close to the fence on the right side of the entrance to the village), and under the canopy you can either catch a fairy or sell it in Tiralina!

After the last fairy level, i.e. 59 – 60, she can also go further to the level of 70,80,90,100

Zanzarah tips and secrets.

I warn you right away – I went through the game 6 and a half times, so you don’t need to think too much about my advice, you can safely follow them.

1. When you need to choose your first elf in Rufus’s house, take a natural one. Why? I will explain. Natural elves are strong and fast, and the first spell you are given has a whopping 30 charges! That is, you can shoot 30 times without recharging manna. And, although the characteristics of our natural Sillia are theoretically worse than those of the other two elves given to us, I really liked it. Water Tadana is fast, and it seems to have nothing with magic … But you will very soon be able to get the same in exchange for a silver orb. Stone Graeme is quite slow, and its spells are not very good. So you better take Sillia.

2. At a certain level, many elves transform into others, and not always the best. Natural Sillia, for example, is quite possible and even needs to be developed into Viteria, but it is not worth developing into Boneria – it is weaker.

People, you need to make some money first, there are three ways:

1. It is to walk and collect them..
2. In the village of elves, in a tavern to lure from the elves sitting at the table.
3. This is when you trine your fairy in the village of elves, there are two +, this is what you train her and you also reap money, by the way, you can make good money there…
And so what is it for..

In Dunmore, in one house there is a goblin, he trines fairies for 60 coins, but he trines very, very quickly!!
So, first train your fairy in Endev, save up savings, and then in Danmore and your fairy will not be defeated…

Use the code item 13 to get the golden carrot. She adds experience to the fairy to the next level.

To be honest, all this bullshit with consoles is not interesting. You can just collect gold and you will have 1000 gold coins, and then you can easily go through only the markings by yourself! Yes, you just need to collect gold quickly while playing without F1.

Build yourself an unbeatable team.
On the efficiency table, see which elements are effective against which, everything is very simple – recruit fairies so that your whole group as a whole is effective against all elements.
Personally, I took myself Gigarex-metal, Flagvin-fire, Drabyu-energy, Grizzly-ice chaos or darkness!
It’s simple!

If you walk a little there in the cottage and reach the place where the owl and such a mountain are, there are two more stones and bushes. If you have a land card and the fairy does not have a stone, then you can climb the mountain, climb up and jump over the stone. There will be a cave in it there is an evolution of fire magic and there is an elf nearby if you defeat him, he will give the key to the city hall in tyraline.

In Dunmore, when you go to the swamps to look for a map of nature, choose the right road, pass the owl, go further there is a goblin, but you should not approach him, at this level he has too strong fairies for you, especially one ice fairy, like a white grizzly. you go around it with the left road, there in the fog you will begin to see stones standing around, you pass through the swamp to them, there is also a goblin, but you can go around it around the island, there is a passage on the other side to take a nature map and a silver ball, in the same way go back.

If you want a stone elf take Wesbath or Stobat.
At first it is plain, but it evolves quickly, and at level 40, with an attacking spell of metal…
In short, I went through the whole game with them.

To find a fire card, go to the forest hut. As soon as we entered the clearing near the hut, to the right, along the stream, there will be an exit into the enchanted forest (but not the one where you were before). See the gate (opens with an IRON KEY, which can be obtained from Monogam). Further along the path, approach the 6 evil stupefied nature fairies. And besides, there are more than 50 levls. I do not advise fighting: time, nerves … In general, I advise lazy people to use a cheat (see codes).
Have you won? Fairies repent, offer to live together and give a fire card. Then to Monogam, to a house with a lever by the door (near the teleportation circle) and forward, down, fry. Just remember to stock up on fire fairies and those who are effective against them. GOOD LUCK!!!

As already mentioned, you can create a team of fairies that is effective in all fights. if you take the fairies of nature, air, water, stone and fire, and also add the PSI spell to the 2nd active slot on the fairy of nature or water, then you can tear anyone! In addition, if you have ELEMENT CARDS, you will also go anywhere!)
there is only one BUT: in duels with collectors of fairies, dark elves and so on. see which elements of THEIR fairies (for example, the dark elves most often have the fairies of chaos, darkness, ice, psi), and then decide which spells to put on YOURS, and which fairies to use.

I have to say about the Glasses ice fairy. You will suffer with her order. It’s hard to buy a good passive spell. And the second active spell appears only after level 53. But Glasses is very (very!) Fast and dexterous, and she has enough vitality.

In the beginning, I advise you to take Graem, because in Dunmore there will be telves with ice fairies (from the initial fairies only stone hits the ice well) and Violectra. You should not take Vesbat, he is very weak, and you are too tired to develop. The perfect combination of fairies (in my opinion) – Latisia or Tyneves (air), Swain (light; can be found in the abandoned ruins behind Tyralin), Klam (psi), Grislock (ice), Flagvin (fire).

If you are too lazy to fight with the Wild Fairies, then you can fly up to the glowing ball on the platform and then you will escape. If you fight with collectors then this number will not work!

In the village of Dunmore, there is a house where a goblin washes the floor – you probably remember?
The fact is that it is no coincidence that he washes it! If you stand a little near the goblin, you can see that from the cracks in the floor he washes balms, mana, etc., even gold! I hope you collect everything that this goblin will help you!

The strongest fairy in this game is Suanne. After level 50, you can put a passive spell (where with 3 squares). Whoever hits it himself receives the same damage. Plus she is only weak for Psi fairies.

It is better to choose the Water Fairy from the very beginning. She will evolve and become very cute and strong, running ahead I will say that against the last leader she will be very effective, personally I passed the leader as one fairy! A little further, when you are asked to take the silver sphere from under the nose of the wild fairy, replay until the fairy Lana appears. This will be your second main fairy. Well, then we go through the game, and take Ice Glassys as the third fairy. The fourth fairy-fire-flagvin. The fifth is the air of Letizia. These fairies are the strongest in the entire game. And again, against the last leader (Lana just change spells, although she may not be needed if Okeana is level 60).

No matter how funny, but the most used were the fairies of water, on which there are no cards, and in general they seem to be not very necessary at first, as well as fairies of ice and metal. What for? But:
– in the already indicated place for the fire card you will have to fight with very cool fairies of nature. Ice, metal and fire are indispensable there, since several fairies begin to get injured only from the fifth blow. Since there will be immediately attacked by either five or four fairies, and besides, they are quick and dexterous, then you can only be effective against them..
– in the Kingdom of Darkness you will have to fight with two elf byaks. They have (with rare exceptions) – the fairies of darkness, who, in the presence of at least one “ineffective fairy” of any level, kill immediately (and if you consider that you are attacked by two fairies at once, then the battle you understand is hot). Water fairies are in great need.
– the Druid has the Fairies of Darkness. See above where to send them and by whom.
– the guard has a dozen (!) metal fairies. Do you want to live? Then – water and ice. And there, I must say, there will be no time to think.
– and don’t use fairy codes! Boring! Here, the one who wrote the passage did not even understand why the fire map and where to get it. And without her, Fairy Pix cannot be obtained otherwise than by codes.

The passage with the codes is not interesting, I advise everyone to take the fairy of nature Celia in the house of Rufus. Then you collect gold in game mode and go to Tiralin. There, kill the impudent elf (he will come out in the left arch when you approach it) whose only fairies are stone no higher than 7 lvl, then go to the merchant’s house (go straight to the gnome, then the door will open on the left), he will ask you to catch a pixie, and then he will sell magic items, buy golden carrots, and then in the village of elves you go to the elf and swing your fairies using golden carrots: you give everyone one carrot and go to train with this chel, and so feed the carrots after each battle, and so that everyone immediately got their experience during the battle, just scroll so that each fairy at least was in battle.

I fully agree with Evilin (4th message), now we are listening to almost trouble-free tactics. I learned this by going through the game 10 times, so the most difficult battles are where you need to get a fire card there are many fairies attacking at once, and so the stratum, when the fairies run out of mana, they start shooting lives, this also applies to opponents, and so fly for about 15 minutes and that’s it – you won, they will kill themselves.

Theoretically, an invincible collection – light, air, ice, psi and one fairy you can choose from, but in general, very strong fairies – light, energy, darkness and psi, just put the reflection spell, and if you just want to go through the game, take corgoth, tadana , grizzlack, mentor and 1 to choose from, repent, put good magic and blow it out (the fairies of nature are one of the most powerful, because there are armor spells and slowing down the recovery of spells of opponents!)

Best Fairy Combination: Nature, Light, Water, Fire, Ice.

Nature – if you are chasing perfection, then swing Vorgoth, he will be the strongest, and so leave Vitoria.
Light – Xuanna, you will find in the ruins at the end of the game, she will have to be pumped together with the water in the fairy factory.
Water is better than Oceans nobody has come up with anything yet.
Fire is Drakvin, or even better, Piks should be pumped to the third level, but you have to be crazy to kill so much time…
Ice for aesthetic reasons, Glasses. Although it is quite convincing in its characteristics.


1) Fairy Garden – at the very beginning of the game. You have nothing to be afraid of there in the first couples. Explore it in its entirety before venturing into the enchanted forest. Collect everything, understand how to play, fight, if possible, do not buy a lot of goods – then it can be done cheaper. Look for hidden sparkling spots, chat with owls.

2) Enchanted forest – in the first locations, fairies of level 10, but sometimes up to 30. You can quickly gain experience on these, and I advise you to be able to kill them with fairies of level 15-18, you will understand what you are capable of – I assure you, this is real. Try to catch Tinefall. Walk well through the forest, gain experience immeasurably. Visit Tiraline.

3) Tiralin – there are many quests, all of them are very profitable to pass, in particular, the basements. Use nature against the fairies of chaos, use water against the darkness. The main quest is the Danmore rune, opposite the shop where it is offered for 5 crystals, there is a gnome’s shop selling these crystals very cheaply, but you should not buy them to the eyeballs, then in the game you will meet dozens of them just lying on the ground.

4) Dunmore – figure it out yourself. After killing all 3 dark guards and their captain, you can return to Dunmore’s shop, and there are now much more goods there, and they are very, very cheap. Further – you should walk through the swamps, guided by the flickering lights. They lead to an island in the middle of the swamps, where there is an elemental map of nature. With an active fairy of nature destroys thorny bushes.

further, to make it interesting to play, in short: in the mountain world, where you get later, there will be a tower of dwarfs and a lift to the world of clouds. The keys to start it can also be found at the forest hut and, if I’m not mistaken, in the mountains (ice world). For an icy world, it would be nice to have the Tinefall fairy turned into a fire fairy with the help of an evolution stone.

Once in the world of clouds, you will receive an elemental stone map that will help you destroy stones. With its help, in the most remote corners of Zanzara, you will find many interesting locations. Including Monagam, the village of the dwarves. Also, you will find Xuanna in the world of clouds, which will have to be exchanged to participate in the tourney on a large tree near Dunmore. When you win, you receive an elemental air card, visit the White Druid’s castle in the cloud world, and receive a heavy key. Further, hidden areas of the enchanted forest await you, where you will get a Fire card to go down to the Fire Caves. In the fiery caves, be sure to capture Pix, otherwise you will not complete the game.

Next, the World of Shadows is finally waiting for you. There is not much to advise here, only that it is best to go down there with the optimal combination of fairies (see above) and to the eyeballs filled with mana and healing agents. In the middle you will have to find 3 bone keys, at the end there will be an unexpected duel with 10 fairies (or even more, I don’t remember) at the same time. After that, the battle with the Druid and the Guardian will seem like child’s play.

Again about the best combination of fairies. Under normal conditions, this is best – water, light, darkness, ice and psi. Accordingly: Okeana, Suanna, Dredanox, Glasses (Grislock is better, but she will be nicer) and the choice of Mensek (download faster) or Klumar (for especially diligent ones). This combination is especially good in the dungeons of darkness. They beat everyone just like that.
And if you know in advance the selection of the enemy’s fairies, as in the battle for the fire card (nature) or in the final (metal), then it is better to take all five against one specific element. In the first case, Flagvin or Demonex will do just fine, but this is only if you play with the codes, therefore, Tinsard is the only available fire fairies, also Glasses or Grislock, Dredanox (where without him) and Gyarex in the amount of two pieces. So the most difficult fight will pass without any problems at all. Fully protected fairies will be pierced by Gyarex, as the fastest-firing fairy in the game, and then finish them off as soon as God puts it on your soul.
And in the final battle against the metal fairies, the best way is: Okeana, Suanna, Glasses, Grislock and Ligbyu. Also, no problems should arise. Victory even if your fairies are only level 30-40.

Everyone recommends psi-fairies, and I’m playing the game for the 5th time, and only used psi to have a gnome fight me at the tower. Everything else is traversed by Ocean (Water), Glasses (ice), Swain (light) – well, perhaps you should add any air (hostile vortices … in the sense – jumping ones – will come across at every step, even in the kingdom of darkness), and Lana (nature) – because in the Kingdom of Darkness there are flocks of fairies of Chaos.
And no psi is needed.

I personally completed the Zanzarah game 6 times.
I went through everything with one team. Viteria (nature), Stobat (stone), Grrizlak (ice), it was him that I usually replaced with Latisia (air), Tenizart (fire). You catch Tenifola (nature) at the beginning of the game and with the help of the Evaluation Stone of Fire mutate into Tenizard of the Ocean (water). That’s basically the whole core team. The main thing is to have a high level. Then fill anyone up. It is these fairies that have high both vitality and strength indicators, and all these fairies are caught at the beginning of the game.

Making the Perfect Fairy Combination.
The ideal combination is when for every fairy of the enemy there is your fairy that will tear him to pieces, at the same time not causing severe damage to you. So I decided to compose it. It turned out the following: Ice, Psi, Light. This combination vomits everyone except the psi. But you still have As many as 2 free Places where you can attach fairies. It is in this slot that we insert a fairy for psi. The choice is large, I will not announce it. Just press F1 and scroll to the table of elements and choose according to your taste.

You know you can’t undo a shot during a fight…
But I could: first in the parameters, change the “Change spell slots” key to End (this is the most convenient way to switch them). Then, during the battle, in order to cancel the spell and at the same time not lose mana and life, press End – and wait for the right moment to deliver an accurate strike.
And sometimes it enrages that the spell is already maximum, and the fairy suddenly hid somewhere.

In order to get into the caves with lava, it is not necessary to fight with wild fairies for a fire card. Amy has about 30 seconds before she grills. During this time, you need to have time to reach the circle with torches – there the fairy of fire attacks you. Catch it, and then at your choice – either save or teleport. Now you already have a fire fairy: train, beat the nature fairies and take a fire card!

Again about the perfect combination of fairies. Best of all, in my opinion, is Viteria (nature). Successful characteristics, rapidly developing, and most importantly, if you put the spell “Light spurs” and “Thorns armor” in one slot, she will be simply invincible! Then you can take Ice, Light, Fire, Water or Stone. Gremrock is especially good with a stone (“Hail Stone” + passive spell + 60% damage in case of a critical hit).

A few tips (I hope they help in something):
1) The fairies guarding the Fire Card are easy to defeat. You just need to use effective spells and effective / neutral (in relation to natural) fairies. The main thing is that the experience levels should be approximately equal to 30, not lower. For example, you can use ice / metal spells with Viteria level 35. I do not advise using fire spells – they are very slow (of course, it is possible to speed them up by using passive spells with the appropriate characteristics). Even better if there are trained fairies of ice and / or metal.
2) From the very beginning (as it appears in the game, of course) train the fairies of water, air, you can use light. At the final point – the Kingdom of Darkness – they will be very needed.
3) In principle, there are no good or bad fairies. You just need to develop them and arm them with effective spells.
4) It is difficult to find Graham – a stone fairy. She met (at least to me) only twice – in the Mountain World, on the way to the Peaks, and also between the Ruins and Tiralin. She usually attacks you herself, but in her place there may be Jam (Jum-Jum). In this case, it is best not to save, but to lose to this fairy or “self-destruct” (jump into the abyss if you are heading to the Ice Peaks), since no fairy will attack again at this place. In the battle with Graeme, you must not overdo it, do not destroy him.
5) It is also quite difficult to find Beltaura (Beltar) – the psi fairy. It can be caught by rescuing a gnome from the Ice Caves or by getting the Evolutionary Fire Stone (stored in a cave, at the entrance to which an elf with ice fairies is located).
6) Fairy Tinsard helps a lot in passing. It can be obtained (and very quickly, almost at the very beginning) by using the Evolutionary Stone of Fire on the fairy Tyinfall (Tinfol). The stone is stored in the Catacombs, the key to them is with the elf, who must be rid of the pixie (the elf’s house is in Tyralin). The fairy can also be caught nearby, or rather, you need to leave Tiralin (towards the swamp and caves) and almost immediately, on the right side, you will meet a tree growing on a hill. This is where Tainfol lives. You can also just wander through the forest in this direction. But before being caught, you need to stock up on the Golden Orb. By the way, she can be found in the same Tiralina behind a pile of boxes.

The best combination of fairies: Light Air, Ice, Fire Psi. They not only hit everyone, but also duplicate if someone is killed. To win for the Fire card, you need strong and effective fairies (see the efficiency table), and at least two fairies should be able to quickly charge spells. for all opponents, the defense requires 5 hits for punching (weak blows are needed, you don’t need to wait for the maximum and it will work that way). Send them forward, and when the spells are pierced, the rest of the EFFECTIVE will finish. It is dreary to pump all effective, but it works.

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