Wasteland 2: Tips (How to make a decent amount of money, armor and decent weapons)

Of course, there may be a known method, but I think it will come in handy for someone.

It is based on the fact that merchants’ goods do not disappear anywhere, even after their death..
If you want to honestly earn a lot of money, weapons and different armor, then just go to the Canyon of the Titans. The bottom line is that the monks have two merchants (one with a poor assortment in the canyon, the other with a good one in the temple of the monks).

First, complete the quest to collect 3 + 3 pieces of sludge, they will become friendly to you. Sell unnecessary junk to merchants to empty their pockets, then kill them (and any monks you meet on the way). The bottom line is that if you kill them in groups, then the whole faction does not become hostile, which allows us to choose convenient positions before each battle.

As a result of such a cleanup, you will collect 300-400 kg of various necessary pieces from the bodies of merchants / monks + what you yourself sold them. In order to convey all this to the Citadel, stuff all the Persians (overload) and leave ONE Persian without overload – they need to run to the transition to the world map and calmly go to their destination.

Note and plot spoiler

P.S.: I explain in advance – the removal of the entire canyon will not affect the main storyline in any way, and when completing side quests in the canyon, everyone will die one way or another (either from chaos or from a nuclear explosion from Silo 7).

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