Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura: Tips And Tactics

Optimal Line Development Character – Handbook (Hand-to-hand, Undurance) + Magician (School Meta).This rattling mix will give you an advantage over any opponent.From most arrows and even the bullets will contact (checked) with hand-handcaps too, too.with magicians understand it – before a possible collision with a magician, you care about the reflection shield spell (meta-ur.5).This spell reflects any impact of magic.Then when hostile spell starts digging throwing magic shackles on it (meta ur.4) – It will deprive him of the opportunity to hit with the charms, and then cynically shine.
Useful advice
-Buy at any clothing store smoky jacket .When she is hoping you get +20 reactions surrounding .all belong to you more friendly and you can buy some goods cheaper
-Elf-merchants (the moorings of Eshbury) you can buy gloves of dexterity (LDK + 2 for magicians)
-Technologist can make a charged ring (full analog of adkterial gloves)
-You can increase some characteristics bringing victims to the ancient gods (more details.Checked.
-In Kintarre, find a woman named Visper.Tell her about yourself frankly.Get a magic stone ( for time invisibility)
-In the black root, walking along the coast behind the house of the mayor, you will find a half-term.Play with Him in Riddles (Answers – Watches, Spring, Fire).Get a magic st1.(disposable.Calls by half-term magicians)

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