Arx Fatalis: Advice (Get Infinite Money)

How to get paid endlessly:
Once you get to Arx, go to the merchant. Opening one of the chests with goods, you will see a fishing rod. There is one bug – if you double-click on a dagger (or any other sharp edged weapon), and then on a fishing rod, then you will have a rope and a stick in your inventory. And if you climbed into the merchant’s chest and cut off the rope, then the merchant will only have a stick, the price of which is very low (5-7 gold), and the rope is in the backpack. Now we buy a stick and again double-click on the rope and put it on the stick, we get a fishing rod, the price of which is 20 gold. We sell it to a merchant. In this way, you can make a lot of money if you do this operation for a long time..

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