Bomber Crew Tip (Change Save Game Data)

Hello everyone, I love climbing game files. And I found how to change save data ! 

Location on Windows 7 (maybe on other systems in a different folder): C: \ Users \ (Username) \ AppData \ LocalLow \ Runner Duck \ Bomber Crew  

Important: the AppData folder is hidden, so you can turn on visibility or copy the path and write the place “username” your username, let’s say here’s an example: C: \ Users \ Vanya \ AppData \ LocalLow \ Runner Duck \ Bomber Crew

So, there will be files, I played only on the first slot and my file is called “BC_SaveSlotV2_0” .

We open it with a notebook, there is a lot of everything … Let me guess, you need money and intelligence points! To change money, press: Ctr + F and write “balance”, you should have the following line “” m_currentBalance “: XXXX,”, where X (you will have some number) put any number. The same with intelligence points, only in the search we write “intel”, there should be such a line “” m_currentIntel “: XXXX,” (we do the same)

That’s all ! 

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