Clive Barker’s Undying: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

Tips for dealing with some enemies.

The Dispel Magic spell can also be useful against certain opponents at levels. For example, octopus heads spitting green muck and flying creatures in hoodies that shoot skulls at you. If the former can be dealt with without any problems, then the latter are usually more difficult, but this spell “disperses” these opponents with one blow.

The revitalization spell is also effective against skeletons, destroys with one hit (they just crumble to dust), otherwise it is impossible to kill them (at least, I could not, even after cutting off the head, they eventually get up). The downside is that the spell takes away almost 100 units of magic, this can be somehow corrected by raising the level of the spell with the help of magic stones (pink pebbles that appear among objects). In this case, the spell will take less strength..

It will be easier to kill Elizabeth if you hide behind the boxes on the second floor, so she will not get to you.
And before you kill Bethany, you need to kill the two girls who recharge her..

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