Cossacks: European Wars: Tips and Tactics

When you press (eng) “P” a table appears – Select objects: Under the “Units” line, select the country that we need. Under the line “Buildings” we select soldiers, peasants, buildings and everything we want to buy. Click on the “accept” button. Without releasing the left mouse button, we create an infinite number of soldiers, ships, buildings…


Good advice for destroying superior enemy forces.

If you are faced with the need to fight for example with a decent detachment of heavy cavalry, and there is no artillery, I advise you to resort to the following technique:

1) Form a line of pickeners, order to hold the position.
2) Line up shooters behind pickeners, also order to hold position. Everything is now ready to grind the enemy cavalry.

And this is done like this:
Send any unit (preferably a shooter) to make contact with the enemy, after the enemy goes to counterattack to retreat behind their lines (further away, but without changing direction), the enemy will stupidly break through your defensive formations without causing them harm. In short, you get a meat grinder (in fact, it acts against any units)


1. How to open all missions in campaigns.

Information about open missions is in the file path_to_costs \ Players \ your_name.txt.
If its contents are replaced, for example, with the following:

5 3 16843009 16843009 16843009 8 16843009 16843009 16843009 16843009
16843009 168430099 168430099 0 7 16843009 16843009 16843009 16843009 16843009
168430099 0 10 16843009 16843009 16843009 16843009 16843009 168430099 168430099
168430099 168430099 0 8 16843009 16843009 16843009 16843009 16843009 168430099
168430099 0

then we will achieve the desired result.

2. Historical battles.

As I have understood, Historical Battles can only be played online. This can be fixed as follows. In the catalog with campaigns (I don’t remember the name, but the game has already been erased) there is a catalog with single missions (in my opinion Missions or Single).
It contains ten folders, each of which contains 2 files:
mission.dll and single Single_Number.rar.

The first one needs to be replaced with the file Cossacs \ HistoricalBattles \ Necessary_battle \ Necessary_battle.dll, previously renamed to ‘Mission.dll’, and the second with Cossacs \ HistoricalBattles \ Necessary_battle.rar (also first rename).
Now, when you load your favorite toy, and in single missions select the one in the directory of which you recorded the files, you will face a long-awaited battle (although the computer will control the soldiers very poorly, if at all. It’s a pity. Maybe you can experiment with different DLLs. Kami. Try it.). Maybe I confused something with the folder names. The main thing is to understand the meaning of these operations, and the folders are easy to find.

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