Dead by Daylight: Advice (Bloodpoints without ban! No banned, No Vac) [1.4.2]

A way to hack bloodpoints. To hack, we need a regular cheat engine (THE VERSION IS NEEDED HERE) and that’s it. First, go to the windows firewall (additional parameters) and create a NEW RULE for the game dead by daylight there (find the shortcut of the game in the Steam folder, and select it). Next, we prohibit incoming and outgoing connections (create a rule in 2 places). We turn on the firewall. We go into the game, turn it on in windowed mode for our own convenience. Next, open the cheat engine, select the process with the game (DeadByDaylight-WIN64) there, click open. Next, enter your number of bloodpoints in the value line, then buy any item, enter a new number of bloodpoints there, and press the “NEXT SCAN, VERY IMPORTANT” button. Then you will have either 1 value, or 2. Move them down with the red arrow. Then we press 2 times on the value, and change it to 480,000 (up to 500,000), press the ACTIVE button a little to the left (IMPORTANT!). Next, we include the speedhack in the cheat engine. it is just to the right of the value line. We set the speedhack to 50 (to quickly buy everything). Then we buy whatever we want, sometimes there is a bug that there is no way to buy, although you did everything right, then just change the role to a maniac, and vice versa, everything will work. If something is not clear – ask in the comments. I will try to answer. … The method works on version 1.4.2. no bans.

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