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Almost everyone knows about the file TechTreetunes, But almost no one knows how to edit it, but as: here, for example, “Farm”

“Farm” {
SET TTTMATERIAL_FARM – {Materials are not recommended to completely remove the string because the object will not be produced}
set tttinvent_farm – {Experience I need to leave the line you can delete but leave two brackets}
SET TTTGAIN_FARM {The experience obtained in the proceedings}
SET TTTINFLUENCE_FARM – {Teezham I need to change}
SET TTTTITEMS_ {FARM Produced Materials You can change anything anywhere}
SET TTTPREINV_ {FARM is the same}
set tttfow_x -? But not recommended
set tttfow_y -? too

But how to distribute to electorostations

Set TTTenergyRange_Laufrad Coating Area
Set TttenergyClass_Laufrad Energy Class
Set TttenergyMaxstore_Laufrad Capacity
Set Tttenergyyield_Laufrad also Capacity

Here is the spreading of energy consuming buildings
Set TttenergyClass_schmiede Energy Class Class from 0 to 3
set tttenergycons_schmiede energy consumption

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