Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tip (Alternative Weight Carrying Code)

There are a lot of this codes. I will give one of them (the most optimal):

1. In the console, type player-> AddItem “daedric battle ax” -10000 (yes, yes – that’s right!)
2. Now we throw these things out of the backpack (Daedric axes – weighing 90 * 10000)
3. We succeeded in freeing up 900,000 Kg of space in the backpack.)

How this code works:
You dial the code for -10000 Daedric axes weighing 900000 Kg. But there is one bug – it is believed that all these things weigh 900,000 Kg. BUT they do not take up space in the backpack, and if you throw them away, space in the backpack will free up! That is, you will receive another +900000 Kg. free space in the backpack after throwing -10,000 Daedric hammers. Agree, a lot! This method works with any things..

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