Grand Theft Auto 3: A detailed map of the location of all secret packages, jumps, first aid kits, body armor, etc.

Here is a detailed map (with screenshots, tips) of the locations of all secret packages, unique jumps, first aid kits, body armor, adrenaline pills, rampage missions, free weapons, and police bribe icons.

It looks like this:

In the lower left corner of the map you see a menu, put a checkmark next to the objects that interest you, and on the map in those places where these objects are located, labels will appear.

We click on the label you need, a screenshot will open (the main character is near the object), information will appear in the lower left corner of the screen where exactly the object is located, how to get to it, or under what condition it will appear there.

Everything is in Russian!)
1) unpack the archive.
2) run autorun.exe
I personally created this map.
P.S. If you notice any mistakes, write, I will correct.

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