Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Tip (Badges and Mini Badges)

For those who are not going or have not yet decided to spend their time collecting badges, I will tell you what they give. I played the game myself. this is already a tradition and the badges have not yet been collected.
About the first 29-39 icons increase the power of magic in a duel.
Further 49-59 (I don’t remember exactly) give some acceleration in Quidditch (which I did not notice).
After collecting from 70 to 80 icons we get a super bonus – now more mini icons drop out than before. It really helps. it used to happen 2-3 pieces will fall out and wrestle collecting them.
If you accidentally broke the icon, you can restore it using reparo. If during the reparo you got a wingardium leviosa and the remains of the badge flew into the abyss, then do not despair. Having come to this location after 5 minutes (you need to leave the location and come again to update all the caches of mini icons), we will find the missing icon intact.
Sometimes, in order to remove the badge from the wall, you need to find some kind of weight (jug or stone) that is usually nearby. We pick it up with Leviosa and throw it into the badge.
For those who do not know what to do with stone lion statues and how to take their badges away. There should be a person or two arguing next to the statue. 1 person gives the task to brew which thread of the potion, and two people usually argue with each other and it all ends with the duel “Harry wets the slug girl”.
Don’t expect badges for Potions, Quidditch or Dueling Club, they’re all greedy.

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