Hotel “At the Lost Climber”: A little secret in the game!

“Easter Eggs”

In the game you can find several funny surprises from the developers, the most interesting of which is described below. Alec’s office has a locked safe that requires a key. Go down to the basement, where an old steel car is installed in one of the rooms. The power generator in the attic must be started. To do this, first disassemble it with a wrench, and then attach a new belt, install a funnel and pour fuel through it, repairing the device. Now go to the roof. A light will turn on in the room with the radio station. Look at the cards and take the miniature key from the floor near the center of the screen. Follow the office. On its second floor, open the safe, taking out the Morse code and stroboscope from there.
Exit to the library, go to its far right corner, where you can click on the globe, and apply a strobe on it. Do not be intimidated by the flickering scary drawing, but rather repeat the action and remember the location of the black crosses on it. Return to the Library Entrance. Look at the painting “The Lost Climber”. The puzzle is running, you need to click on the zones that you saw in the image earlier: to the left of the head, to the right of the center and just below (on the rope). This will add a photo album to your inventory, where you can see photos of the development team in the game’s interiors.
Now try your hand at finding other bonuses by solving a tricky radio station puzzle. The presence of Morse code in the inventory produces a new active point in the radio room. Another secret in the form of a door to a secret room behind the piano is kept by the wine cellar.

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