Mars: War Logs: Advice (Hacking a character’s skills and abilities using Artmoney)

Hello dear gentlemen, cheaters, if you have already tried to hack the game using artmoney, you probably faced such a problem that money is hacked without problems, and skill and ability points (well, in the sense of achievement: spy, seeker, student, etc.) turns out. The whole secret is that you need to hack not the number of current points, but the number of points already spent (we are looking for Type – an integer 4 bytes), and finding just a value – we reset it, and voila, the computer restores you the number of points according to your level (2 ur – 2 points, 3 lvl – 4 pts, 4 lv – 6 pts, etc.), as if you have not spent them yet. By the way, if a lot of skill points are given, then the abilities are not very good, so it is better to first find skill points and then identify the ability points at the address (since the addresses of both values ​​are next to each other).

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