Mass Effect: Council (English voice acting + Russian subtitles) [Gold Edition]

Many (in particular, me) did not like it, or rather were sick of the Russian voice acting. So I found a way to play with English voice acting and Russian subtitles. Instructions:

Go to the MassEffectGold \ BioGame \ CookedPC \ Packages \ Localised folder and create the RU folder there
From the Mass Effect \ BioGame \ CookedPC \ Packages \ Localized \ RA folder, copy the Dialog folder to the created RU folder (Mass Effect \ BioGame \ CookedPC \ Packages \ Localized \ RU)

Go into it, and change the file name GlobalTlk_RA.upk to GlobalTlk_RU.upk

Open the DefaultEngine.ini file located in the MassEffectGold \ BioGame \ Config folder. The language is set in the section
Language =

Put there
Language = RU

Everything, the game is almost all subtitled. Why “almost”? Because the DLC remained in English. You can make it in Russian like this:
Go to the MassEffectGold \ DLC \ DLC_UNC folder, open the AutoLoad.ini file and change the line GlobalTalkTable1 = DLC_UNC_GlobalTlk.GlobalTlk_tlk to GlobalTalkTable1 = DLC_UNC_GlobalTlk_RA.GlobalTlk_tlk


We do everything at our own peril and risk!!!

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