Need for Speed: Carbon: Tip (CROSS CORVETTE Z06 and How to Win 20 Defensive Races)

CROSS CORVETTE Z06 and kHow to win 20 defensive races

There is an easy way to win 20 defensive races without retraining your career. This achievement should be completed before the end of the career..
The game gives out defensive races randomly, so many fear that they will not have time to complete 20 defensive races before the end of the game. But as you know, defensive races drop out after the end of the usual passage. This is where an interesting feature comes to light. After capturing at least one area in Palmont (for example, the area near Kenji). 

1. Find an unparalleled easy drift track in the canyon (or whatever you like)

2. You deliberately fall off a cliff, they write to you that you have lost (or are losing in any other way)

3. Continue the game and so repeat the procedure until the announcement of the defensive race pops up. It usually drops with an average frequency of 2 to 9 races, and so on until you reach 20 times to get the component of the card for opening the Corvette Cross – “Iron Wall”

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