Return to Mysterious Island: Tip (Game Tips & Tactics)

While examining the items hung on the walls of the cabin, look for work areas under the crossbow and antique pistol. Mina will say: “I can’t come, the robot is interfering.” To read the inscriptions under the weapon, combine the monkey and raw clay in your inventory. Jupe will make his way to the exhibits, make a cast from the tablets, and Mina will be able to read the creation time of each weapon. +10

If you cross a lichen, coal (which we find through the gap, next to the monkey) with an ignition device (flint + knife) in the inventory, then you can get two (!) Bonfires, which, in turn, can be disassembled. Thus, you can get a huge amount of knives, flints, lichens, coal, firewood and chaga..

When entering the main hall of the submarine, look under the right sofa from the entrance – there is another black pearl. In addition, if you grab a falling feather on the fly near a rock, then this is +10 points.

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