S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Call of Pripyat: Advice (How to get to the oasis)

The oasis is located under the location “ventilation complex” the entrance to the oasis on the screen.
We go into the room, we go down underground. On the way there will be several jerboas, we head through the pipes towards the ventilation complex (we are guided by the map). After you get out to the corridor with the red lamp, the most interesting part begins. There is a teleport in the next hall. To go further, you need to run this way several times until three arches appear between the columns in the hall. There are four rows of columns. In the first, third and fourth, glowing arches should appear, similar to the effect of burning fluff. After all the arches have appeared, we need to disable the teleport. To do this, we pass between those columns where there are arches, and in the row where there are no arches, we must guess between which pillars we need to go. (pillars are selected randomly each time). After turning off the teleport, we find ourselves in the ventilation room, where the “Heart of the Oasis” artifact hangs.

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