Stalker: Call of Pripyat: Advice (Earn an exoskeleton in 20 minutes)

An easy and quick way to get money, does not require skills and abilities and does not pose a danger to life, and most importantly, honest. Thanks to this method, I earned 60,000 rubles in about 20 minutes of real time and bought an exoskeleton. Everything is simple, but the conditions must be met, firstly, the following quests must be completed: “Tempting Business”, “Compass”, “Dark Business”. The point is to go through these quests so that Beard works for us and pays us a percentage every day (see the walkthrough for details). As soon as Beard pays us about 800 rubles a day, there is only one thing to do, sleep, nothing not to do and get money. So we go to the rest room and start sleeping, but the main thing is to set the timer first so that a full day passes, for example, if it is 12 o’clock in the yard now, then we set 11 o’clock on the timer. And so we sleep for one day at first, nothing happens, we sleep one more day and when we wake up, a message appears that we need to take a percentage from Beard, you can take it now, or you can sleep for a couple more days and the amount of issue will increase by about three times. You can try different options, but it worked for me: 3 after 1, respectively, 4 after 2, because the first day of sleep is basically not money yet. I somehow tried it every day, but the amount began to decrease up to 400 rubles, and I tried it for 10 days in a row, but they gave out much less, if you count 800 rubles a day, I didn’t like this business, and I decided 3 through 1 the best option, it happened that The beard gave out 5000 rubles in 3 days, father-in-law, it turns out, in different ways, but the main thing is that we will still have our own cash.

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