Test Drive Unlimited: Tip (Solving the problem of invisible police cars and crazy traffic)

This problem is associated with the emergence of multi-core processors. Hence the solution: immediately after launch, we find the game process in the task manager (TestDriveUnlimited.exe), right-click, select “set correspondence” and uncheck all processors except one. Click OK, that’s it, let’s play. If you have an evil 64-bit system that yells “access denied” when trying to “set a match”, just cut the game folder from the “Program Files” folder and paste it into the root directory of the disk or into some folder on it – from there and run , the ban will be lifted.

I found this solution myself. Many, I know, suffered because of this, quit playing, and I myself, too, unsuccessfully searched the network for a solution. Although – I don’t know, maybe many thought of it earlier (I also opened it for several years, and then, after a break in the game, I managed to forget). Everyone enjoy the best racing game to this day!

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