The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim (TES V): Advice (DLC HearthFire)

With the addition HearthFire the game has the opportunity to buy land for home improvement.
Falkreath Lake Estate
Hjalmarch Manor (Morthal) Windstad Estate
“Heljarchen Hall” in the possession of the White Coast (Dawnstar)
Each lot costs 5,000 septims. You can own all three plots at the same time. To buy them, you need to complete the task of the jarl of the city. Some of your companions can be assigned to house managers, so that through them you can buy resources for building a house and go to the sawmill for boards.
You come to a completely empty area with only a chest, a workbench and a drawing table. First of all, select what you need on the drawing table, and then go to the workbench to create the foundation for the future home. Next, you can make the walls, and later the main hall. After building one object, there will be a new plan on the drawing table.
Basically, all houses and interior objects require the following resources:
iron ingot – 5ACE4
Iron parts – 03003035
Glass – 03005A69
Clay – 03003043
Mined stone – 0300306C
Goat horns – 00303F
Straw – 03005A68
Door hinge – 03003011
Nails – 0300300F
Castle – 003012
Refined moonstone (Pentagram of Souls) – 5AD9F
gold bar (Pentagram of Souls) – 5AD9E
Great Stone of Souls (Pentagram of Souls) – 2e4ff
Mercury Ore Ingot (Alchemist Lab) – 5ADA0
Skin stripes – 800E4
Steel ingot – 05ACE5
The most important subject is Sawn logs. They can be bought at the sawmill, for example, for the “By the Lake” estate, logs are purchased at the Lunar Sawmill.

After the entrance hall and main hall are built, you will have 3 annexes to choose from: the west wing, the north (south) wing, and the east wing. All are divided into 3 types: 1 – a tower, 2 – a room with a sloping roof, 3 – a room with a flat roof

Left annex.
1 – Enchanter’s Tower – you can enchant items. A couple of display cases, a couple of soul stones, on the 2nd floor there are weapon racks, a table and a chest. Little space and shelves.
2 – Greenhouse – some rees for alchemy, a lot of “pots” where you can grow plants. Cons: Not all plants can be grown, such as Nirn root and Nirn scarlet root.
3 – Bedrooms – 2 children’s beds, 1 double bed, several chests and shelves for books. A room is needed in case you want to adopt children.

Rear extension.
1 – Alchemy laboratory – some rees for alchemy, alchemy stand, a couple of display cases, purses and small safes.
2 – Trophy room – you can put models of different creatures. Several safes and 1 chest.
3 – Pantry – many chests for storing things, a lot of tinsel such as plates and glasses, a lot of shelving and other things.

Right annex.
1 – Library – many shelves for books and a chest on the 2nd floor. (a useless room for me, because I carry few books, and there are shelves in the hall too).
2 – Kitchen – at the bakery you can cook food, dream of shelves and dishes. It’s generally useless for me, because I hardly use food in the game.
3 – Armory – many mannequins, chests, showcases, there are machines (tanning, sharpening, workbench).
Fans of books and food may not worry about the choice, because there are a lot of places in the basement for weapons and other military fuss.

There is also basement. It has all the blacksmiths and smelters, a couple of cabinets, chests, weapon racks, many safes, a dummy for armor and the ability to build a sanctuary for any god.

In the main hall there are a couple of mannequins and chests, there is a weapon rack for an alchemy laboratory, a pentogram of souls, beds, bookshelves, cabinets for some resources.

Naturally, objects will not appear out of thin air after building walls and roofs :). All furniture must be crafted. To do this, in each room there is a workbench, like near the house, where you can create furniture..

Personally, I definitely put the armory, because the library and the kitchen are almost useless.
There was a dilemma with the back room, on the one hand, the trophies look simply incomparable, and on the other hand, alchemy items were needed. But since the alchemy room was small, resources were scarce and there is an opportunity to build an alchemist’s table in the hall, I chose the trophy room. I did not choose the pantry, because, as it seemed to me, it does not look very nice (due to the abundance of useless vessels), although there are many chests, and the house is already full of places to put things.
I made the last room the Enchanter’s Tower. Profitable business.


Enchanter’s Tower, floor 1

Enchanter’s Tower, floor 2



Alchemy laboratory, floor 1

Alchemy laboratory, floor 2

Trophy room


Library, floor 1

Library, floor 2



Fully completed estate “By the Lake”

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