Total War: Shogun 2: Advice (How to change the number of units in squads)

So this is for those who are tired of having 120 or 150 or 90 units, etc.
We go to C: \ Documents and Settings \ all users \ Application Data \ The Creative Assembly \ Shogun2 \ scripts so we find the preferences folder there.script we open it at the very beginning of the line

campaign_unit_multiplier 0.75; # campaign_unit_multiplier, Set default unit multiplier for campaign #
naval_fleet_multiplier 0.75; # naval_fleet_multiplier, Set default fleet size for battles #
change 0.75 for example 1.50 and save everything and start the game and you may have a whole armada out of 6 units.
Bet at least 4 on the account 1.50, but I don’t advise otherwise the game will freeze
Attention! after the changes you need to start a new game
advice so for the lover of a successful game

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