Two Worlds: Advice (List of Spell Combinations)

Part 1:
We need: enchantment + time + any effect
1) Fire is a source of light.
2) Power – high jumps.
3) Strength – Increases strength.
4) Water – increases physical damage.
5) Ice – increases damage.
6) Spirit – increases accuracy.
7) poison – Reduces enemy damage.
8) Corpse – revives a squad of allies.
9) Decomposition – removes effects, res. to magic.
10) earth – res. to spells.
11) Stone – Throwing stones.
13) Lightning is an onalog. 1.
14) Life – Increases stamina.
15) Air – invisibility.

part 2:

Death Cloud:
Slot 1: Any Effect + Charge + Damage.
Slot 2: Area (no nothing).
Slot 3: Any Effect + Enchant + Time + Damage.

Death Shield:
Slot 1: AoE + Damage + Time + Shield + Fire (ice, decay, poison, stone, lightning,)
If you put “Corpse” after hitting you, the target will not be able to move.
If you put “Spirit” after hitting you, the target will enter a state of hypnosis, and will be for you.
If you put “Life” then there will be a resurrection spell.

Death to ALL, I will stay (BOOM and that’s it):
Slot 1: Charge + Dispel. (without nothing)
Slot 2: AoE + Any Effect + Damage + Time
Put more “diffusion” and see, depending on the effect, different things will fall from the sky.

For those who are poorly versed:
Before the spell spell, you can put an altar and use the spell many times.
And know that for every special effect of the potion there is a similar spell.
So don’t be afraid to experiment.

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